QP Piccies

My battered badge!!!!!

OK I've thrown this page up of pictures from QP the biggest Quake Lan to hit Ireland yet. I would like to thank Devore for the best 3 days of Quaking that I have had in a long time, along with all the other people involved. Tom went out on a limb for us and I hope he didn't buy one drink over the weekend.

Click on the links to get the piccies, on hidsight I should have taken more and I have a few more undeveloped of the prize giving which I will throw up later.
My only regret is that I didn't take more, but then again I was there to play Quake as well !!!!!!

A Nice Big  Lan , oh yeah.

 Noelle (from of one of the sponsers) gets to grips with Vexorgs Joystick!!!!!!

 [INC] Mindphuck Rides  (CW) Tomb's rocket :)

And heres one of the Qamex News Hounds,   Trojan .

 Mickah and some of the other Inc boys wonder how the hell they managed to run into so many of Beasts rockets!!!!!!

Heres the  Borderline between the Quakers and the other Nerds in the Burlington !!!!!!!

 Venom, Despoiler & Chrome survey the lan.

I hope that Sniper didn't give  Carnate that ciggie : P

 DeVore laying down the law, with Johno on the left and Donron on the right.

 Vexorg taking a rest from struggling with his Joystick.

The  Three Amigo's DeVore, Rev. Hellfire (hidden) and Suds who keep all the servers running smoothly cheers lads.

As I said I have a few more piccies to go up and they'll go up when I get around to finishing off that film. Again thanks to all for a cool weekend, can't wait for the next one. I'll post up a quick review of the 3 days a little later I'm too wreaked now.