Quake 1 - Free For All
Prize - Ireland on Line Dialup Account

After 5 cracking rounds, the final was sure to be a cracker on the death32c map. Devore, through on a bye, faced stern opposition if the form of Beast, Von, Slannesh and Bunny.

Though having a bad start, after 2 mins there was only ever going to be one winner - Bunny.

20 minutes later Bunny with a score of 104 claimed victory ahead of Von, Slaanesh, Overlord and Reaper.


Quake 1 Duel
Prize: Pace 56k Modem

14 players entered for the most sought after title. Played on Dm2, Dm3, Dm4 and Dm6 the matches were tense.

The first round brought 4 draws and needed replays. Of those who continued only Koopa, Beast, Mickah and Bunny went into the semis.

The final was awesome. On Dm4 Koopa dominated the game winning comfortably.


Q2 Duel
Prize - Ireland on Line Dialup Account

32 people entered the competition. The early rounds were played on sunday with few surprises.

The last eight quarter finals were Castor v Dupre, Muppet v Tincool, Vorosha v Beast and Radovar v Cheez.

The final was decided on Monday afternoon when Vorosha beat Dupre


CW CLan Champions
Prize - Some Dosh!

With CT not showing up on time, 10 clans - DD, 4MC, uNT, CD, CW, pINC, INC, ZT, nD and TLP(Devore and friends) - entered what was to turn out as the most exciting part of QP.

The first round went smoothly with TLP, INC, CW, uNT, DD winning their matches (4mc went through to next round as best losers)

The second round was hot.

  • uNT a mish mash of players toppled TLP in an amazing game which had TLP come back from a 30 frag deficit only to lose it in the last minute to Lorcan's Quad Frag Fest.(122-112)
  • INC dismissed DD's effort dominating the level to win by 103 frags.(171-68)
  • CW destroyed 4MC in a frag frenzy.

The semi-finals gave TLP another shot at it but they faced INC and lost in a blaze of gibs... CW stopped uNT in their tracks, ending their winning spree but uNT put up a good show going down 162-90.

The final - Androm9 - INC vs CW.

Though INC tried to dominate the level with good teamplay - but CW feasted on them - getting Quad after Quad and holding the key areas. In fact it was over soon after it began with little hope for INC coming back.

Well done uNT for entertaining the crowd.....


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