M.J. Systems Galway Autocross
14th-15th August 1999
Gordon Percy Engine Centre National Championship Autocross

The Event in pictures

image1.jpg (37870 bytes) A recycled Audi Quattro. image11.jpg (63571 bytes) image12.jpg (61436 bytes)
image14.jpg (56448 bytes) image15.jpg (55502 bytes) image16.jpg (55470 bytes) image18.jpg (30069 bytes)
Despite a roll the Alfa kept kicking up the dirt. Tom Moran retired with battery trouble. Niall Keane wins a free entry to the Millennium Autos Galway Summer Rally. Booting it or trunking it depending on where you are from!
Cathal Hogan flying on the way to victory. HUNGRY ? I'm watching it on de telly. image19.jpg (29201 bytes) image17.jpg (20633 bytes)

Pictures by Gabriel Garrett