James’s Happy Page

Welcome to my Happy Page. It used to be a home page, but now it's a Happy Page. I think it's much nicer as a happy page.

To help promote happiness everywhere, this will contain links to other sites which make people happy.

One of my favourite writers is Robert Rankin. He writes weird and funny Science Fiction novels, and he has a strange fascination with Sprouts.
Click here to see his fan club pages which I spend a lot of time maintaining:

Another thing which makes me happy is Fonting. If you like fonts, click here to see some fonts I have designed:

Other happiness enhancing font sites:

Two of my favorite bands who I maintain web sites for are:
Darlene & Co.

I live in Dublin, Ireland, which is a very nice place, and you should all come for your holidays. Real all about it in
James's Guide to Dublin

Another of my hobbies is writing. Here's a story I wrote called
No Way Home
Watch out for other stories which will appear here from time to time.

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When you come to Ireland, you might like to stay at My Parents' B&B at Mornington

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