Health Advice


Christmas is a wonderful time of year. A time of loving, giving, receiving. A happy family time….or is it? Christmas is a highly emotive time when ALL emotions are practically tripled in strength including the not-so-nice ones. It is often a time when we feel we must conform to society’s version of what should happen on that one day. We can get caught up in a whirl of very expensive present buying, the need to have our home looking a certain way & HAVING to invite certain people to it. However at the end of it all we can be left feeling exhausted with frayed nerves & a feeling of what-was-all-that-about? So this year why not take the Holistic Approach & enjoy the festivities in the best possible way. The good news is that preparation is everything & it’s never too late to start.

* Decide a present strategy in the family. If the family circle is increasing rapidly maybe a good idea is to buy presents for either the children only or for each household or a Kris Kindle where all the names go in a hat & each person buys one bigger present for the name they pull out.
* Make a list. This is very important! When you go shopping, KNOW what you want to buy or at least have a vague idea.
* Plan your route. There is nothing worse than being on a busy Grafton Street when your next present to buy is in Henry Street & you’ve been there already that morning.
* DON’T shop when hungry, tired or at peak shopping times. You’ll buy anything & regret it later.
* Don’t buy things you like, buy what THEY will like.
* Breathe! Relax, shopping for loved ones is meant to be fun. If you don’t like it then pick the present ideas & pay someone to do it for you. A good way for a young niece or nephew to make a few bob.

* Where would you like to be? If you fancy staying at home then DO. Make new family traditions if old ones don’t suit any more. Find out what others want to do. Anyone with small children will find it easier to be home based.
* Delegate! Don’t do the martyr!! If you are hosting the dinner, it is fine to allow others to help or bring certain dishes.
* Anticipate yearly SITUATIONS. Yes, we all know the scenarios! How long will it take Granny to ask why Mary isn’t married/Tom has long hair/why Joe hasn’t brought in the logs? Talk to the people involved or work around it. Make it a private joke & smile when she comes out with the gem or take Joe aside & help with the logs.

* The chef takes a day off. This is only fair & means valuable & much needed timeout for the person that bore the brunt of Christmas Day.
* Why not have turkey curry & LOTS of fruit to eat that day? Christmas doesn’t have to mean the healthy eating plan out the window. After all it’s only one day. So get back on track St Stephen’s Day. Your body will thank you for it. Why not factor in an enjoyable exercise the family can do?

Remember what Christmas is all about; love, new birth, giving & receiving. So try to ensure that you get lots of opportunities to enjoy yourself.

So how did your last New Year’s Resolutions go? Did you eat healthier, exercise more OR just think about it? ‘If only I could motivate myself just to get started’ is a familiar cry to us all. Well imagine you could cleanse your system, lose a few pounds & gain more energy BEFORE you even get to the Gym. Why not let a Holistic approach to a NEW YOU make this a New Year with a difference.

If you do tend to overindulge during the holidays on the drinks front, try to:
1. Line your stomach before a big night out. Thick vegetable soup, a baked potato or a whole meal brown bread sandwich would be ideal,
2. Drink lots of water before, during & especially afterwards. Remember the hangover is caused by dehydration so rehydrate!
3. A Spritzer is a good drink as it combines water & white wine.
4. Ginger tea is an excellent hangover cure.
5. Plan some exercise to get the blood & lymph moving like a stiff walk the next day. Team up with a friend & have a chat too.

Detoxing your body is the way to start. Toxins are basically anything not natural to your body systems– smoke, pollution, E additives, colourings & flavourings etc in food. Over years they clog up your body, soak up all your natural energy, age your facial skin & drain away your motivation leaving you feeling down. Sound familiar? The benefits of detoxing are clearer skin, more energy, a flatter abdomen & it can eradicate the dreaded cellulite!

1. Drink boiled hot water cooled with a squeeze of lemon in the morning to prepare your digestive system for the day & gently ease elimination of the previous day’s food. Great for your skin.
2. For 2 days at a time avoid red meat, salt, sugary foods (cakes, biscuits, sweets). Organise yourself shopping wise first. Make sure you have all you need in the fridge and cupboard before you start.
3. Drink at least two small bottles of still mineral water a day. Often you get headaches & low backache because you are dehydrated. Our bodies are made of 70% water so we need to replenish it daily.
4. Cut down to three cups of tea OR coffee a day. Any more & you cannot be getting enough water into your system.
5. Use a teaspoon of honey instead of sugar in your tea or on your cereal.
6. Take a good multivitamin to boost your immune system after the Winter months. Your energy levels will soar.
7. Eat LOTS of fruit, juices & vegetables. Do pick your favourites & stock up when you are shopping for the week.
8. Steam, grill or stir-fry your food to hold more flavour & nutrients in.
9. Do NOT buy sweets, cakes or biscuits for home. You don’t need them & neither do your children or teenagers.
10. Make sure you get out into the fresh air at least once a day for a walk.

All of the above simple tips can be done over the first week or two of January or for the month long period. Depending on how toxic your body is you MAY experience headaches, an outbreak of spots or bad breath for 1-2 days. You may even want to sleep a lot so start at a weekend. Go with it! The initial temporary discomfort is only a sign that you really needed to do this & will pass very quickly. When you return to work Monday your energy will have improved already.