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You will find the current issue of The Cavan Connection here every week. An archive of back issue (back to January 1996) is available at Local Cavan

Issue 134
27 - July - 1998

New College
Cavan Vocational Education Committee has acquired a green field site on Cathedral road for the building of a new College of Further Studies. The College, which provides foundation courses for third level students, is currently housed in the old convent on Main St.

New Acquisition
Kingspan Ltd the Kingscourt based building materials manufacturer has acquired Interlink Holdings Ltd in the UK for 6 million pounds. Interlink manufacture "metal ancillaries for composite panels and insulation cladding". Market analysts believe this new acquisition will raise Kingspans annual turnover to 293 million pounds this year, with profits of 34.5 million.

New Chairperson
Clifford Kelly from Kingscourt has been elected Chairperson of Cavan County Council. He replaces outgoing Chairperson Paddy O'Reilly. Clifford has proposed that the new Aghalane bridge be called the "Mitchell Peace Bridge" in recognition of the contribution of US Senator George Mitchell to the peace process.

Cootehill Mast
Attempts to resolve the impasse over the proposed erection of a mobile phone mast in Cootehill are continuing following a meeting between Eircell, the developers and Cootehill Town Commissioners. After the meeting Ms Edel Clancy, Head of Corporate Affairs with Eircell, expressed optimism that a solution, which meets the needs of Eircell and the concern of local residents, can be found. Local residents who are objecting to the mast are maintaining a full-time blockade of the proposed site at Lislea.

Cavan Crystal
The rescue package for Cavan Crystal will come before the High Court for final approval this week. The package envisages 1.45 million pounds of new investment in the company.

Border Visas
A bill drawn up by Congressman Jim Walsh, which proposes the provision of 50,000 US visas for Northern Ireland and the border counties, is to go before Congress. The bill is expected to face tough opposition on Capitol Hill. Congressman Walsh is Chairperson of the "Friends of Ireland" in Congress.

Crystal Robbery
Raiders made of with 5000 pounds worth of Cavan Crystal in a robbery at the Cavan Crystal factory. It appears to have been a well planned operation, when the raiders main vehicle got stuck in soft ground they had a second vehicle in reserve. Included in the haul was a specially commissioned piece, which was to have, been presented to Catherina McKiernan.
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