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( O'Keeffe family tree by Kevin O'Keeffe )

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                      The O'Keeffe Ancestry

    O'Keeffe lineage to 1703 A.D. from the time of the Celtic
    chieftain Oilill Olum, 7 generations before St.Patrick.
    (sources:  Book of Munster, Fr. Eugene O'Keeffe, 1703
             & Booklet "The O'Keeffe's", unknown origin, 1989)

  Felim, 52 B.C. (King of Munster)
  Oilill Olum    (sometimes called Ailill)
  Eoghan Mor   (from whom The Eoghanacht - The Race of Eoghan)
  Fiacha Muilleathan
  Oilill Flann Mor    Oilill Flann Beag    Deachluath
  Lughaid          Fiodach      Daire Cearbra     Maine Munchaoin
  (308-353 A.D.)       |
   |             Criomthann Mor Mac Fiodhaig
   |            (Crevan The Great, King of Ireland 366-378 A.D.)
  Lughaid          Cathfaidh       Corclosadh         "Corc"
                                                  Conall Mac Lughaid
  Nadfraoich    Cas   MacBroic   Ciar     4 sons by      3 sons by
 (King of Cashel)                         Muingfionn      another
  Aonghus         Oilill         Eochaid        Feidhlimid
 (411-489 A.D.)
 (also called Aeneas, King of Munster)
 (baptised by St.Patrick)
 (had 24 sons & 24 daughters - gave 12 of each to St.Patrick & God)
 (2nd of the 12 lay sons was ancestor of the O'Keeffe clan)
  Feidhlimid Dubh    Eochaid Finn     Breasal     Seanach  ........
                     (442-532 A.D.)
                     (or Eoghan)
  Criomthann                    Criomthann (Crevan)
  Feihmin/Sreibh                son of Dearcon
 (473-543 A.D.)
 (from whom Siolb Caoimh,
  the Eoghanacht of Glanworth)
  Cairbre Crom    Fiacha   Aodh Crom   Fiachra Eidhseach   Fearadach
  d. 580 A.D.
  Aodh Flann Cathrach
 (538-592 A.D.)
  Cathal         Ceallach        Aonghus Liath
 (569-621 A.D.)
  Cu Gan Mathair    Naolochtraigh    Cronmhaol   Maolanfaidh    ...
  d. 664 A.D.
  Finnghuine                                Oilill
   |                                          |------|--------|
   |                                    Fogantach  Aonghus  Dubhda
  Cathal Mac Finnghuine, King of Munster
 (an only son, from whom
  are the O'Keeffe / Ui Chaoimh,
 'Cineal Cathail Mac Finnghuine')
  Artir, King of Munster  (Arthur / Art ; thought by some to be the
 (725-806 A.D.)               same Arthur, King of Cardigan, Wales)
  Fionghuine    (Fineen / Finian)
  Caomh   (the first to adopt the name 'Caomh'/'Keeffe')
 (865-937 A.D.)
  Donnchadh     (Denis)     (commanded Munster forces in 924 and
   |                         obtained victory over Danish Vikings)
  Aodh          (Hugh)      (slain at the Battle of Clontarf)
 (d. 1014)
  Domhnall      (Donal / Daniel)
  Maghnus       (Manus)
  Eoghan Finn O'Keeffe   (Eugene/Owen of the fair hair)
  Conchubhar    (Conor / Cornelius)
  Art                Art             Domhnall Croich      Lughaidh
 (the Dromagh         |             (from whom the       (from whom
  line)               |              Sept of Glenville)   Sept of
   |               Conn Maol           (ruling line)      Dunbullog)
   |              (a Dominican               |
  Dohmnall          Brother)             Diarmuid
   |                                         |
   |-----------|             |-----------------------|
  Maghnus     Art           Tadhg                  Eoghan
   |           |             |                       |
   |           |             |             |---------|----------|
  Domhnall   Domhnall     Red Keeffe      Art   Donnchadh   Eoghan
   |           |                           |
   |        Margaret.......................|
   |                                       |
   |          |--------|---------|---------|--------|------|---|-|-|
  Art     Domhnall  Lughaid  Donnchadh Conchubhar Art-Og Caomh F A E
   |                   |         |           X      |      |   X X X
   |          |      Conn  Cathal-na-Seabhac   Fr.Eugene  Diarmuid
   |          |        +         +             (ordained   |
   |          |                                  1679)     Caomh
  Art Og      |-----------|-------|----------|----------|      +
   |       Art-Caoch    David    Aodh    Donnchadh   Maghnus
   |          |
   |          |-------------|----------------|
  Maghnus    Conchubhar   Fionghuine      Margaret
   |          (both died in France)     (m. Art O Caoimh of
   |                                     Ballymichael, Muskerry)
 (still alive 1703)

         other names/dates from the Booklet "The O'Keeffe's"
         which did not fit into the tree above :-

 Ceallach O'Keeffe   (an achorite,  died 1063)

 Tadhg of Dromagh was one of the few to join the Desmond rebellion

 1582, Hugh O'Keeffe killed in a raid by the Earl of Desmond 
  into Pobal Ui Caoimh

 1612, Art (cousin of Hugh) granted Dubullog Manor Castle & Mill
  (diocese of Cloyne, Co.Cork)

 1641, Daniel O'Keeffe, Chief of his nation, held about 18,000
  acres of land in Duhallow ;  these lands were lost after 1691

 Daniel, son of aforementioned Daniel was a memeber of the
  Confederation of Kilkenny

 1641, outlawed: Donal, Donogh Mac Donail, Donogh Og O'Keeffe of
  Dromagh as well as Conn O'Keeffe of Cullen

 1653, Capt. Hugh O'Keeffe surrendered Dromagh castle

 Battle of Aughrim: Daniel, nephew of aforementioned Hugh, was
  killed (Commander of Foot) ; also Daniel's son Arthur killed

 1703, Daniel, son of Hugh, dispossessed and became the outlaw
  Donal a Rasca

 1830, last parcel of O'Keeffe land (about 9,000 acres) in the
  Ballydesmond area (Pobal O'Keeffe) sold to Mr.Scully (Cork M.P.)
   - this land was leased from the Crown since the 1700's
   - the land was further sold to Nicholas Dunscombe in 1858 in
      the Encumbered Estates Court

 1697, Arthur O'Keeffe of Dunbullog left his manors,lands, etc.
  to his heir, Daniel, with remainders to his sons Charles
  and Arthur, Counsellor at Law, who died in London in 1756 and
  is buried at Westminster Abbey (described in 1740 as of Lincoln's
  Inn and Bedford Row, London)

1679, suretor for Fr.Owen O'Keeffe (under registration for Popish
 clergy) was Manus O'Keeffe, Knockageeha (Cullen) 

Cornelius O'Keeffe, born 1664, 6th son of Denis O'Keeffe and
 Hanora Daly, ordained at Toulouse, ministered at La Rochelle &
 Nantes, became Bishop of Limerick 1720-1737

1734, Bishop O'Keeffe founded Burses in the Irish College in Paris
 for any good O'Keeffe descended from the stock of Glenville

The Wild Geese included several O'Keeffe's :-

 - Constantine O'Keeffe, Ballydesmond, 1671-1745
    - his brother was killed while fighting with Claire's Dragoons)
    - 2 other members of Art O'Keeffe's family killed in other
      battles while fighting with the French army
    - his youngest brother, Art, born 1682, went to France and had
      a distinguished career in the French admiralty
    - most of this family had served in Lord Kenmare's Irish
      Jacobite regiment

 - Hudson O'Keeffe, son of Daniel, Ballymaquirke, settled in the
   province of Champagne
    - his grandson became Keeper of the Royal Treasury of Louis XV

1732, O'Keeffe's admitted into the ranks of the French Nobility

1690, Arthur & Manus O'Keeffe, Knocknageeha, and Edward O'Keeffe,
 Dromagh, were outlawed for high treason

The O'Keeffe lands at Ahane (Cullen) were confiscated after the
 Desmond Rebellion ; the family stayed there as tenants well
 into the 19th century

Soon after 1700, Charles O'Keeffe, Cullen, became a Protestant in
 order to get land

1715, Charles leased 9 gneeves of land at Knocklucoge (Mount Keeffe)
 - the family became prosperous & influential around Newmarket

1740, Daniel, son of Charles, died

1751, Meanus, grandson of Charles, married Mary Bunworth

1781, Meanus died and was buried in Dromtariffe Old Church
 - all others in family buried in Newmarket Protestant Graveyard

1861, the last Meanus died (a Meanus in every generation)

1882, Charles, son of Meanus, died

1907, James Manusel O'Keeffe, grandson of Meanus, died tragically
 - his wife remarried: her cousin Fitzgerald O'Keeffe of Kanturk
 - Mount Keeffe sold to O'Keeffe's after Fitzy's death in 1934
 - Lusanna then moved to England and died 1950

1929, Mount Keeffe Chalice given to the Victoria & Albert Museum,
 London ; inscription reads  "C.O.K. Me Fieri Anno Domini 1590"

         & from another source (Joe O'Keefe Web pages) :-

  Concubhar  (b. ABT 1600)
  Eoghan (b. ABT 1615)
  Caomh  (b. ABT 1635)
  Eoghan                       Lughaidh                Concubhar
  b. ABT 1656 at Glenville     b. ABT 1658             b. ABT 1660
  m. Feb 1680                  m. ?                    m. ?
  d. 5 Apr 1726                d. AFT 1707             d. BEF 1707
   |                                                    at Carrick-
   |                                                       on-Suir
  Art Og           Eoghan         Joseph         Caomh      3 girls
  b. ABT 1680      b.ABT 1682     b.ABT 1684     b.ABT 1686   Onora
  m. ?                                                      Siobhan
  d. Aug 1709                                                 Marie
   at Rochelle

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