O'Keeffe of Carrick-on-Suir & Clonmel (South County Tipperary , Ireland)
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There are a number of O'Keeffe families (including my own) from the area in and around Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary, Ireland and these families are still residing in the area and have also spread out around the world.
I will begin here with a summary and you can move to the next page and to the coats of arms later.

The O'Keeffe clan or sept is originally from an area around Glanworth and Glenville (Gleann an Phreachain) near Fermoy, County Cork.
The Anglo-Normans displaced them and most of the sept was driven westwards where they settled in North Cork near the Kerry border between Ballydesmond and Millstreet in an area still known as "Pobal O'Keeffe", (Pobal = People and is pronounced 'pubble').
Some of the sept remained in the area close to their original territory, and it may be from these that the O'Keeffes of South Tipperary are derived. I have received information on a Concubhar O'Keeffe, born about 1660 in Glenville, who died before 1707 in Carrick-on-Suir ; I had hoped to find some link from my known ancestors (back to 1802) to this man from Glenville 100 years earlier, but am not confident that I will since none of the names in my family corresond to the ancient names of the Glenville O'Keeffes: Eoghan, Concubhar, Art, Lughaidh, Caomh, Domhnall, Aodh. It is possible that one of the other O'Keeffe families in Carrick are descended from Concubhar. It is likely that our own branch of the family descends from farmers outside Carrick (and possibly further afield such as the area around the village of Golden near Cashel) and is not connected to the Glenville ruling line.
What I have found out from the Heritage Centre in Carrick, is that there was only one Keefe family living in Carrick during the 1799 census - Cornelius & Mary Keefe with children Mary, John, Patrick, Ann, Catherine & Ellen, (Cornelius & Concubhar, of course, are similar names). Cornelius is registered as a Cooper & Baker.

I have information from the arrival of the Celts and of the leader Oillil Olum of the Eoghanacht from whom many of the clans of Munster are descended, notably the McCarthy's, the O'Keeffe's, the O'Callaghan's and the McAuliffe's. This information is contained in the Book of Munster, written by Father Eugene O'Keeffe around 1703 ; the book gives the lineage from Oilill Olum to the O'Keeffe's in the 17th century. It is difficult to read and I have summarised the O'Keeffe lineage in graphical form on this family tree web site.

My direct family information starts from 1802 with the birth of John O'Keeffe (not sure where) who was later a publican at Lough St. in Carrick-on-Suir. His descendants are now in Australia (since 1862), in the U.S.A. (since 1895), and widely distributed throughout Ireland.


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