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Brief History

        Kilberry school is situated in a beautiful 
rural setting on the banks of the River Barrow. 
Currently,there are 125 pupils,with a staff of 5 
teachers and a shared remedial.

	The school is famous for its sporting 
activities,especially gaelic football and basketball,
having achieved many successes at county and national
level,in the 80's and 90's,contributing handsomely to 
both the success of Rheban football club, and Lily 
White teams at all grades.

        Computers have become a prominent feature of 
our school in the last 5 years with night classes for 
adults and a Saturday computer club for the younger 
age group.

        Built originally in 1887,the old school was 
replaced in 1963 by a modern building which was 
extended in 1983,just in time to celebrate 100 years 
of education in 1987.

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The Time Of The Yeomen
        In 1791,the United Irishmen were set up by 
Wolfe Tone to establish an independent Irish Republic.
In 1796,Wolfe Tone got military aid from France, this 
alarmed the government and they raised an armed force 
called 'Yeomen'.These yeomen were even more brutal 
than the ruthless soldiers.The Rising planned by Wolfe 
Tone for 1798 had little suceess and led to a campaign 
of burning,shootings and hangings by the government 
troops and Yeomen.Kilberry was no exception,as can be 
seen from the story of Brigid O'Heffernen who was 
hanged in Lowstown Lane and buried in Kilberry.Some 
years ago,archaeologists uncovered a headstone at the 
walls of the old monastery in Kilberry,and as 
well as could be established on the defaced stone,was 
the name Heffernen.
The Derries

(The oasis in the Bog)

        It had a blessed well dedicated to St. Thomas,
a sandpit and two dwellings,in all about seven acres.
One of the last people to live there was called Whelan.
During Penal times,hunted priests hid in the Derries 
while on the run from the Yeomen.On one occassion a 
priest was supposedly betrayed for some buttermlik.

        These Yeomen often flogged people to death.
A local blacksmith make pikes which were often used as 
weapons against the guards.One day soldiers came 
looking for pikes but he refused to tell them where 
they might be found.So,as upturned cart was used and the 
man was tied between the shafts.He was then flogged,
almost to death.He was then revived,only to have the 
same punishment repeated.At the time the pikes were not 
found,but many,many years later,when an old drain was 
being cleared in Cloney,a bundle of pikes were found tied
together with an almost rotted rope.

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