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For many years now I have been interested and active in a group which is restoring a section of the WCR permanent way and preserving any locos, carriages, wagons, documentation etc., which relate to the infamous little railway.
The bad time keeping habits and poor service in the early days of the railway resulted in the railway company being mocked in a delightful song "Are ye right there Michael, are ye right!", which was written, after a bad experience, by Percy French - a civil engineer turned troubador.
The group is based at Moyasta Junction, a village halfway between Kilrush and Kilkee in Clare. Map showing location of West Clare Railway  

The group, with the assistance of the European Union's LEADER programme have acvquired the old stationhouse at Moyasta, together with 3 miles of track bed. The only remaining locomotive - the No 5, built by Dubs & Co has been moved to Moyasta. The engine has been surveyed by the RPSI and will be restored over the next two years to its former glory.

Some pics of the WCR.

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  •   March 1998
  •  significant progress is reported on all aspects of the project.
  • Local community involvement is becoming an increasingly welcome feature.
  • Strategies for the 1998 summer season are being prepared.
  • In my personal opinion, it would be very desirable if other villages and towns become involved with the project.  In particular, with the construction of a new golf links at Doonbeg-right along by the old Railway, in. the integration of tourist attractions such as the Marina at Killrush and Kilkee's beautiful beach and diving facilities, the Railway would provide a very positive contribution.

  • Update Oct 4 1997:

  • Work completed on track laying... approx 600 metres.
  • Work has commenced on station house and it is looking well.
  • I am delighted to report, that thanks to the generosity of the Cavan and Leitrim Narrow Gauge Railway folks, Jackie Whelan of the W.C.R. was able to run a rail car on the finished section of track. This occurred in early August.
  • We have received the condition report from the R. P. S. I. It may be possible to restore, with the assistance of the R. P. S. I., the engine for a cost of approximately £40,000. This may be an optimistic figure, but perhaps somebody or some company might like to support the restoration.
  • Joe Taylor and family have moved to Tralee and the Clancy family have taken over the pub at Moyasta.  
  • Update Mar 23 1997:

  • Three miles of ballast laid...westwards towards Kilkee and northwards towards Doonbeg.
  • Fencing completed on three miles.
  • Many thanks to The Cavan and Leitrim Narrow Gauge Railway folk for oiling up the No 5.
  • The engine was surveyed on the 18th March by Peter Scott and his associate. Many thanks to Peter and the RPSI for their time and kind co-operation. We look forward to receiving their advice for restoration.
  • Work commenced on track laying yesterday 22 March. Initially approx 600 metres of track is being laid, in the vicinity of the station house....assistance from ESB towards rails and slepers, and assistance from CIE towards rail track laying.
  • Work to commence early 97 on station house.
  • It is with great sadness that I hear that Joe Taylor and family are selling their pub at Moyasta. This historical pub is closely linked to the WCR..Joe's uncle was the author of the recently published book on the West Clare railway. Anybody interested in continuing the tradition should contact Joe at: ( Tel ) 065 51284 or international 353 65 51284

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