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Dar Williams

Lucy Kaplansky

Richard Shindell

The biographies included are just brief snippets about the artist. If you'd like to read more on the artists you can visit their official sites. Links are included. I'd reccomend Arthur Woods excellent Cry Cry Cry site for a really thorough history on each member. Also, John Alvord has a great Cry3 resource room. You can find these link in the drop down box. Links:


Dar was born April 19, 1967 in Chappaqua, NY (a Westchester suburb), the daughter of Gray and Marian Williams, the youngest of three sisters. Snowden is a (Welsh) family name. A sister too young to say "Dorothy" called her "Dardar," and the nickname, or half of it, stuck. ... Dar attended Wesleyan University in Connecticut, majoring in religion and theater. After graduating, she worked as a stagemanager with the Boston Lyric Opera before quitting to perform music full time. After several years of open mic's and learning her trade, shemoved to the Northampton, Massachusetts area (in Western Mass's Pioneer Valley).

Dar's official biography


I have no history (1990)
All my heroes are dead (1991)
Mortal City
The Honesty Room
The Christian and the Pagans (EP)
End of the Summer
Cry Cry Cry


Not everyone gets two chances to be a star. You take it when it comes or you give it up forever. But Lucy Kaplansky isn't everyone. As a teenager, it was clear that she had an exceptional voice and performing style. She started out singing in Chicago bars that she was too young to get into, and when she was barely out of high school, she took off for New York. She signed with Red House and started playing a few gigs. Red House released The Tide in 1994 and rave reviews followed. Within six months, Lucy signed with a major booking agency and began touring enough to,necessitate leaving her hospital job (though she keeps her private practice).

Lucy's official bio.


The Tide
Flesh and Bone (1996)
Cry Cry Cry (1998)


Richard Shindell is easily one of the most dynamic of the new generation of singer/songwriters. First entering thepublic eye on the Fast Folk discs (where, before him, people like Lyle Lovett and Nanci Griffith had received their first national exposure), Shindell has had a varied past- from college days as lead guitaristfor The Razzy Dazzy Spasm Band (also featuring the young John Gorka), to two years at Union
Theological Seminary. "In the late '80's, I started writing songs," says Shindell with trademark dryness, "which I had never done before and, to my surprise, turned out to be a process of harnessing one more-or-less happy accident to another."

Richard's official bio.


Sparrows point
Reunioin Hill (1996)
Cry Cry Cry (1998)


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