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Jeez, give us a chance will you? :) More Reviews to follow as soon as i round them up (steal them) from the Dar-list.
If you have a review from a Cry Cry Cry concert that you would'nt mind me publishing it can you send it to me ?

Right now the reviews are on order of appearance on the dar-list. Maybe i'll put them in oreder of venue someday soon. *sigh*. Yes, i did type them all in by hand. :p

• Sunday 02 December

From: Toia <>
Date: Wed Dec 2 05:08:44 1998
Subj: In Awe

I saw Cry Cry Cry last night it Tucson! I just have to state the
obvious here and tell you that it was so incredible. I was amazed at
how beautifully those three voices blended together every single time, I
was in awe.
It was so great to finally hear some good music, I've really missed
that since moving to Phoenix. And I found out that there are other
people in this state that like good music, all evidence to the
contrary. I even met a couple of Dar listers standing in line to meet
Dar, Richard and Lucy, if butting into their conversation counts as
meeting them .
Anyway, I faithfully wrote down the play list and was going to post
it, but my boyfriend hoarded it away and says he wants to post it first
to the Richard list. Either that or he lost it and doesn't want to tell
me. But I can tell you that they sang every song off of the Cry Cry Cry
disc and they sang Ten Year Night, (one of Lucy's songs, and I hope I
have the title right) February, and Are You Happy Now ( One of Richard's
songs). As encores they sang a Johnny Cash song that just might be
called Cry Cry Cry, at least that was in the chorus, and The Next Best
Western, which is another of Richard's songs.
I wish that I could follow them around and hear every single
concert, you are all in for a treat!


From: "William Morrison" <>
Date: Wed Dec 2 05:13:49 1998
Subj: Been there, Done that...

I just wanted to say (without boasting of course!), I was one of the first
to to see Cry Cry Cry last night in Tucson, Az. Unfortunatly, I missed the
opening act due to getting off to a late start from Phoenix and the nice
Highway Patrollman who just HAD to know where I was going in such a hurry!
:) Anyway, the show was great, they sound even better live than on the CD.
It was well worth the brief time I got to spend with the nice policeman...
And even better I got to see the show before my big brother Paul (bigdarfan)
from ce-dar-city Utah. Oh, yea Paul, Dar says "HI" and she even remembered
me. Cool eh...?

Will Morrison,
Chandler, Az.


From: "jessica share" <>
Date: Wed Dec 2 08:34:33 1998
Subj: On Tour

Glee, glee, glee.
Dar was extrordinary last night, as usual, in Tucson. Richard
and Lucy were too. they sang every song on Cry Cry Cry, plus February
(Dar), Tend Your Night (Lucy), and Are You Happy Now? (Richard).
For the encore they played Cry Cry Cry and another song, which
I forgot, by then basking in my Dar Glee and unable to process
Dar was an amazing storyteller, sharing tales about beavers
running amuk in Massachusetts and somehow miraculously relating it to
Down by the Water.
Oh, I'm not alone here in Arizona!



From: "Robert Rose" <>
Date: Wed Dec 2 09:45:50 1998
Subj: Post Cry Music, BOULDER, Thur 12/3

Hey all, in case you're not quite sated from the great CCC show,
there's a band you might want to check out afterwards!

The Danny Shaefer Band, a local Boulder treasure is playing
at Redfish that night. It's about a block West of the
theatre, on 13th street (I think), right next to the Bangkok
Cuisine. I think it's free (usually they are), they'll start
around 10 and play till 12 or 1. The CCC show should end by

The music? Ahhh, a wonderful blend of acoustic, folk, bluegrass,
a little countryish (but NOT whiney!!), and very rockin'!
Danny sings and plays a mean acoustic guitar, they have
a terrific keyboardist, great mando and slide guitar
player, plus bass and drums that really cook. The songwriting
is really nice, very cool story songs in the dylan/guthrie/townes
van zandt tradition. I've seen them many times and have
never been disapointed!

I'll be heading over after the show, come check em out
if you can!

peace and good vibes,


• Sunday 03 December

From: "michael templeton" <>
Date: Thu Dec 3 00:00:12 1998
Subj: These results just in.... C^3 in Albuquerque

Hi All!

I've just returned from the greatest concert that I've been to since I last
saw Dar, and I just happened to snag the playlist at the end of the show.
So here's how it went, with a few of my comments thrown in for the fun of

Opening act James Keelaghan. Fantastic. He even played a request from the
audience, since he wasn't working off of a playlist. Wonderful man,
wonderful musician.

Northern Cross - three great voices, no instruments. After the song, Lucy
went on to tell about how, when they were babysitting Richard's son, they
didn't have any instruments to play that he couldn't stick his fingers into,
so they went without instruments.

Fall On Me - I think that they added some words to it. The ones that people
said were in the original, but not on the C^3 version.

By Way of Sorrow - Lucy said that this was the only happy song of the show.

Shades of Gray - Classic Robert Earl Keen. Richard did a wonderful job on
this one.

The Kid - Lucy said that they made an amazing discovery when they first sang
this song. When she and Dar sang this, it was as if their two voices
created a third voice. I agree completely.

Lord, I Have Made You a Place.... - Richard attempts a Greg Brown imitation
while Dar talks about this being a post-modern gospel song, and how she
tried to explain it to Greg.

Down By The Water - For about 10 minutes before the song, Dar goes on about
beavers and dams. She was really having fun with correlations.

Memphis - Fantastic. What else can I say.

I Know What Kind of Love This Is - Dar and Lucy talk about how they tried
singing this backstage one day, and only know one line.

At this point, they announce that they will each sing one of their own

Lucy: 10 Years -Fantastic!!! She tells how, when Dar first heard it, she
turned to Lucy and said "You Slut!". You have to hear it. She said that it
will be on her next CD, coming out in January. I plan on buying it.

Dar: February - A great song, but Dar had a little bit of trouble. Before
she dang the song, she asked how many people had moved here from New
England. Then she said that this was the reason that they moved.

Richard: Are You happy Now - He talked about how, when he wrote this, he was
in a good relationship. She broke up with him after hearing the song.

At this point they returned to C^3 songs.

Speaking with the Angel - a great song. Lucy does a great job with this

Cold Missouri Waters - Richard tells how he was going to write this song,
but James happened to beat him to it. He also said that everyone should
read the book.

The Ballad of Mary Magdalen - Richard played the Mandolin. Dar says that it
is her song, written by Richard.

1st Encore: Cry, Cry, Cry - A Johnny Cash song. I don't remember hearing
it before, All three of them, plus James. Sounded good.

2nd Encore: Next Best Western - Another of Richards greatest hits.

Once again I must say that this was one of the best concerts that I have
been to in some time.

For you fashion freaks, Dar was wearing a black velvet dress (looking
fantastic), Lucy was wearing black jeans, blue shirt, and black leather
jacket. Richard was in slacks, button-down shirt, and a black sports coat.

I hope you enjoyed the review.

Mike (the other mike)


From: Michael Faison <>
Date: Thu Dec 3 00:53:07 1998
Subj: Cry^3 in Albuquerque

Just got back from Cry Cry Cry in Albuquerque, and I'm blown away.
First of all, I loved the opener, James Keelaghan, more than I thought
I would. He's really great, kind of a Stan Roger's style. His song
"Jenny Bryce" brought me to tears.

Of course Dar, Richard, and Lucy were awesome. It was the three of
them and a guitarist, Billy Masters, who played bass, dobro, madolin,
and electric guitar (he may be the same guy who played in the End of
Summer tour, but I'm not sure). Dar seemed a bit jumpy and chatty,
but I've only seen her live once before. I hadn't heard the CD, but
I thought the arrangements, esp "Northern Cross" and "Cold Missouri
Water" were awesome. Dar and Lucy did one song each of their own
(Dar's February, with a cool guitar solo by Richard), and Richard did
three of his own songs, Mary Magdalen, Happy Now, and Next Best
Westerm (the second encore).

A really great show. Can I drop out of grad school and become a folk

Michael Faison , ' ' . . . .
National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Socorro, NM



• Sunday 04 December

Date: Fri Dec 4 07:09:14 1998
Subj: C 3 in Boulder

Grab a seat, this could take awhile. Last night was amazing! It
ranks as one of the top three concerts I've seen this year.
First, a BIG thank you to Bob, Jackson, Ginger, Teresa, Susan &
Ellen for saving me such great seats. I owe you for that.
Second, so, THIS is the Colorado Dar-List contingent. Where have you
been hiding? It was great to finally meet all of you. We will do this again
soon, right?
Third, the details. Here is the set list, as I remember it:

Northern Cross (a ccapella)
Fall on Me
Down by The Water
The Kid
Lord, I Have Made You A Place In My Heart
I Know What Kind of Love This Is
Cold Missouri Waters
Speaking with the Angel
Ten Year Love? - New song by Lucy Kaplansky
Are You Happy?
Ballad of Mary Magdalen

-Christians & The Pagans

Encore 2
- Cry, Cry, Cry

I wish the show could have gone on all night. I wish I could see it again in
Aspen, but I'm booked. There were more nuances than I could name in the
show, and a ton of Dar-isms. I'd tell you them all, but I think it would be
a spoiler. I'll leave that open to the rest of the Boulder group.
Let me be subtle, SEE THIS SHOW.

Still trying to wake my body up,
My mind never stopped buzzing from
last night,


PS. Sorry, 2 quick personal notes. Charlie it was a great pleasure to meet
Teresa, this is 3 shows in 2 months we've seen each other. Would you like to
compare concert schedules? I suspect I'll be seeing you again soon.


From: Young/Hunter Information <>
Date: Fri Dec 4 08:43:31 1998
Subj: From Charlie, on the road...

Hey folks,

Just talked to Charlie (Dar's manager, for those unfamiliar), who is
jaunting around with Cry Cry Cry for a little while, and he asked me to
pass along a few things...

Apparently, the Cry Cry Cry entourage is having one hell of a time.
Charlie says that the shows have been (and I quote) phenomenal. He said he
wasn't entirely sure what to expect (would it be like a Dar show? a
Richard show? a Lucy show?) but that it it very much it's own, unique
"thing" and that it has exceeded his wildest expectations. The musicians
are having a great time (both on and off stage), they're putting on a
stellar show, and audiences are *loving* it. Last night in Boulder was
another standing ovation and they completely SOLD OUT of their CD's (don't
worry, they'll get more!). I don't know about everyone else but I'm
getting antsy, waiting for them to come to Cambridge!

Secondly, as Michaela said, the two Troubador shows have been combined into
one show. Ticket sales have been a little light, though, so please tell
your friends about it- we want to sell it out!! The doors to the main room
will open at 7:30 but the bar will be open at 6:30, if you want to get
there a little early.

Getting more anxious for the Cambrdige Cry Cry Cry concert with every
passing post,
Kerry :)

p.s. By the way, as you probably gathered from what I've written here, I am
*not* on the road with Cry Cry Cry. Apparently, people have been asking
Kris and Charlie where I am! But alas, no, I am in the office, diligently
working while they have their fun (what a martyr, eh? ;).

Kerry Bernard ============
Young/Hunter Management == =========


Date: Fri Dec 4 09:03:10 1998
Subj: CryCryCry in Boulder

I remember getting a tape of Arlo Guthrie live at Trax in Charlottesville from
a friend. I was blown away by his wit and sweetness. Much to my chagrin,
when I caught his show in Albuquerque he did a verbatim monologue and song
list. In my naivete, I assumed these songwriters recreated themselves every
performance. I'm more "sophisticated" now but I don't know how much I
appreciated hearing all the stories Dar, Lucy and Richard would share with us
at the Boulder show. It sort of lets the cat out of the bag. Does anyone
else agree?

Anyway, their singing was so RIGHT ON! They have obviously put so much work
into putting amazing life into these songs. My boyfriend has been lukewarm on
the album but he loved every single song live. Lucy Kaplansky absolutely blew
me away. She's got some Nanci Griffith in her (I know she has backed her up
in the past) but without that somewhat hardened edge. Her voice is so clear
and sultry. She's got very sexy stage presence. She sang a downright erotic
song from her upcoming album. Right up there with David Wilcox's orgasm song.

Dar seemed pretty nervous. She did most of the talking for the group and I
would have liked to have heard more exchange between the trio instead of Dar's
nervous commentary. (No flames please).

Anyway, run, don't walk, to get your tickets and prepared to be uplifted!

Denver Area Listers:

Be sure to check out the new Twist and Shout Underground across the street
from the old store. What a treat! Tons of fun vinyl. They spin only vinyl
there. I got into a great discussion with the helpful cashier. He was
playing this amazing Afro-pop album by Dizzy Gillespie. Never heard anything
like it. Also, I found seven used CDs in there bargain bin including - Dee
Cartensen, Jim's Big Ego, Moxy Fruvous, SXSW compilation, Ellis Paul, Sinead
Lohan, Schoolhouse Rock for the low,low price of $35! Finally, the cashier
was able to give me good "tape advice" on what to send to Scott Green for Dar
taping purposes. They just do things a little better there!


From: "Mark Snyder" <>
Date: Fri Dec 4 10:03:16 1998
Subj: Boulder, Colorado C3 Performance Note

The Cry Cry Cry tour, performed last night at the historic Boulder Theatre.
It was an exciting arrival as I walked through the doors an hour before
the performance with a friend. Great seats were found among fellow
Dar-Listers in the front rows.

The opening act, James Keelaghan, from Canada was truly an amazing
experience. James has a genuine voice and when he sang his songs, the
energy poured forth as stories unraveled and deep, true tones flowed out
from within. A definite performer to experience live.

Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky and Richard Shindell graced the stage next.
Dar was in a "blue tube" dress, "dazzling" and positioning herself
visually, but her control of the Cry Cry Cry performance was evident as
well. Cover songs were sung, giving the energy they felt would convey the
original song writer/performer. Raw and beautiful.

When Dar, Lucy and Richard sang their own songs, one could imagine an
opening from deep within, for they genuinely know their songs. The cover
songs, after they sang their own songs, then took on a deeper meaning, a
meaning that one taps into, when the flame is exposed.

Look for the genuine smiles from Dar, Lucy and Richard, because when they
glowed, you knew they had tapped into their powerful performance energy

Don't miss the Cry Cry Cry performance, an eye "opening" to the songs that
three talented performers have chosen to share with us as well as their
original works.

For those of you who remember, "On A Warm Winter's Night" tour, organized
by Christine Lavin and performed with Patty Larkin, John Gorka and others.
The Cry Cry Cry tour brought back memories of these talented artists on the
Boulder Theatre stage performing their own original works back in the early


-Mark L. Snyder
Boulder, Colorado, USA


From: Young/Hunter Information <>
Date: Fri Dec 4 11:11:08 1998
Subj: Calling All Merchies

Hey folks,

Kris Bergbom (C3 road manager extrordinaire) is in need of 2 enthusiastic
merchies for each of the Petaluma (12/8) & the San Juan Capistrano (12/12)
Cry Cry Cry shows. Job Perks: You get into the show for free, you get a
complimentary merch item, and you have a whole boatload of fun being part
of the team for the night.

If interested, you can email her at

She said she will probably need to line some up for the January shows, too,
but she's not sure which towns need help yet... she doesn't mind filtering
through early requests, though, so feel free to hop on that.

In other news, I just got off the phone with Dar (ever thoughtful, she
called to thank us for the "good luck" Godiva chocolate basket we sent them
on the road :) and she said they're having a really wonderful time. I told
her about the glowing reviews on the list and she was quite tickled so keep
'em coming! Oh, and she also said something like, "I seem to be the one
doing most of the talking on stage but I guess that's because, well, I'm
the chatty one." So there ya go.

Kerry :)

Kerry Bernard ============
Young/Hunter Management == =========



• Sunday 06 December

From: "Paul Morrison" <>
Date: Sun Dec 6 21:05:13 1998
Subj: Cry 3 in Aspen and getting home in one piece

Hi Dar kids,

Just arrived home from our weekend trip to Aspen. Since it is a long
drive, about 500 miles each way, my wife and I stayed over an extra day
and made a short vacation of it. It snowed all day Saturday in Aspen,
and as we left town on the ice-covered road, our car went into a slide,
spun around and slammed into the concrete barrier in the median.
Luckily we were unhurt, and the car has just a few scrapes, but the
right rear wheel was ruined and we couldn't find a replacement on
Sunday, so we drove all the way home on that silly little pretend spare
tire, without a usuable spare. It felt like an adventure, isn't that
what you would call it?

OK, now to the business at hand. Apparently I was the only dar lister
at the Aspen concert. I will not go into detail about what was sung and
what was said, as I think we all already pretty much know all that. I
will just offer a few opinions. Firstly, James Keelaghan is incredible.
He is a major talent, an incredible singer/songwriter. I really wanted
him to keep going when his 25 minutes set was over, but of course I
really wanted to see Cry Cry Cry too. At one point, James was able to
continue a song a capella as he re-strung his guitar. I want to see
more of James Keelaghan.

Now, dar-listers, I am much older and a little wiser than most of you,
so listen to me when I'm talking to you. RUN, DO NOT WALK, to your
nearest Cry Cry Cry show. You will not be disappointed. This was one
of the best concerts I've ever been to, and I've been around long enough
to have been to more than a few. You just have to see Dar, Lucy and
Richard singing together. It's an incredible experience.

I'll admit that before the concert, I expected to enjoy the show, but I
also expected to come away wanting more solo Dar. THIS DID NOT
HAPPEN!!! The concert was all I could have hoped for and more.
Listening to the CCC CD is one thing, but seeing the three of them
harmonizing is at least 10 times better. I am trying to say that this
was an emotional experience for me. You have to experience it for

Thanks to Dar, Richard, Lucy, Charlie, and whoever else was responsible
for putting this album and tour together. It was well worth the trip,
even considering everything.

Paul in Ce-dar City

NP:Cold Missouri Water-James Keelaghan

• Monday 07 December

From: Leonard Coop <>
Date: Mon Dec 7 12:18:25 1998
Subj: Re: CCC Corvallis Set List

Until I have time to verify that they actually followed it, here is the
stage set list that they used in Corvallis, 12/6/98 (as written):

Northern Cross
Fall on Me
Down By the Water
I Know What
10 YR. Night
Encores: Christians/Cry3

I was hoping/expecting the Johnny Cash Cry3 to be Big River. It was
similar, but not the same. I would like to know what record he recorded
that on. No time for a review, but it was a great show, a great crowd,
and everybody left that night a little lighter, with a smile.


From: (Amanda Cornwall)
Date: Mon Dec 7 12:25:14 1998
Subj: (sort of) meeting Dar

Hi Darlings all,

I enjoyed a wonderful Cry Cry Cry session this Saturday in Seattle. Kristy
Thompson was kind enough to give me a ride up there (remarkably altruistic of
her, as I'm almost a stranger!) and we, in fanatical fashion, camped out early
to get front row seats.

I brought a little prezzy for Dar and got to give it to her before the show.
It was nothing special just a tshirt from Reed College, where I work, some hemp
lip balm and, god knows why, two packages of purple pop rocks. I love pop
rocks and when I saw them by the register at the bookstore I thought.... hmm,
Dar might like pop rocks, I'll get her some and throw them in there.

Dar was extrememly gracious and sweet and it was quite a thrill to meet her.
However, after the show when Kristy asked her if she liked the pop rocks she
sort of said something funny like um no well I heard they were poisonous and--
(she was busy signing autographs so it wasn't a very direct discourse) the
point is I felt kind of silly--- to think that she would have liked pop rocks,
and I realized, that however much Dar's music is a part of my life and however
much I might feel like I know her from the times I've seen her perform and from
the many hours I've spent with her music, I really don't know her at all. The
pop rocks were kind of a symbol of that---

Well, I'm sure she liked the card I made for her and its the thought that
counts. Oh and yes Peter I told her you said hello...

feeling like its the day after Christmas,


From: Young/Hunter Information <>
Date: Mon Dec 7 14:45:00 1998
Subj: Cry Cry Cry Questions

Hello all,

Kelly asked a few interesting questions about Cry Cry Cry. I posed them to
Charlie and here's what he had to say...

>I had a thought, though. Kerry, maybe you'll have some insight on this
>one. I guess it's inevitable that as Dar is somewhat better known than
>Lucy or Richard, some places & people will try to sell C3 & the tour
>through her name. What I don't understand is when they *only* list Dar,
>or give her so much larger billing than Richard or Lucy. That doesn't
>seem to be the point. And it confuses me even more that a little slip of
>paper in the CD case promotes the rest of Dar's music, but Richard & Lucy
>get nothing like it.

Quite simply, it's economics on the part of the presenter. We at Y/H provided
the presenters with ad slicks and flyer masters listing all three artists
equally. Problem is, Dar sells several times as many records as Richard & Lucy
put together, so some presenters are willing to risk the wrath of Y/H in order
to sell tickets. And to do that, they feel it is necessary to "push" Dar. We
don't like it, but we understand it. If there is a specific market where a
show is being billed as a "Dar Williams" show (and not mentioning the other
two), it would be helpful if you can let us know with as much specificity
as possible (and tell us if it was a paid ad, on what date, where it ran, for
what show). But when all is said and done, it's the promoters whose butt is on
the line, and if a show is only half full, they're the ones who take the loss.
And they'll do whatever they can to sell tickets, and we can't get too down on
them for doing that.

>I'm also wondering why Dar is the one who wrote all the liner notes... I
>love what she says, but I'd like to hear more of the other voices, as
>well. How did she come to do the writing?

Lucy & Richard contributed equally musically, but Dar and Charlie were the
ones who spent the lions share of the time on the printed materials aspect of
the project.

>So I guess I just want to know more about the dynamics of this group...
>clearly they work well together and are all friends, but how do Richard &
>Lucy feel when Dar gets so much attention? I say this because you cannot
>imagine how much I *want* them all to be happy, to work together as
>musicians without any of the little battles you hear about in other
>groups. I don't want Lucy & Richard feeling hurt.

Lucy & Richard & Dar are good friends and are having a wonderful time doing
Cry Cry Cry. Audiences are not focusing on Dar to the exclusion of the others
during the show. And Lucy and Richard are not naive: they are perfectly aware
that Dar is the biggest draw and a bigger draw gets them in to larger, nicer
venues. If Dar, by necessity, is the primary spokesperson in the public
eye, it
is because everyone is aware that were it not for that, they'd be playing
smaller venues for less money.

>Oh, my other question - is it possible to get the long list of songs they
>considered singing?

It would be an awfully long list. :)

By the way, did anyone catch the REM "Behind the Music" and "Storytellers"
on VH-1 last night? It was the first time I'd heard their version of "Fall
on Me" since hearing the Cry Cry Cry one... it was kinda weird because I've
gotten so used to the other one!

Kerry :)

Kerry Bernard ============
Young/Hunter Management == =========


From: (Amanda Cornwall)
Date: Mon Dec 7 12:25:14 1998
Subj: (sort of) meeting Dar
Hi Darlings all,
I enjoyed a wonderful Cry Cry Cry session this Saturday in Seattle. Kristy
Thompson was kind enough to give me a ride up there (remarkably altruistic of
her, as I'm almost a stranger!) and we, in fanatical fashion, camped out early
to get front row seats.

I brought a little prezzy for Dar and got to give it to her before the show.
It was nothing special just a tshirt from Reed College, where I work, some hemp
lip balm and, god knows why, two packages of purple pop rocks. I love pop
rocks and when I saw them by the register at the bookstore I thought.... hmm,
Dar might like pop rocks, I'll get her some and throw them in there.

Dar was extrememly gracious and sweet and it was quite a thrill to meet her.
However, after the show when Kristy asked her if she liked the pop rocks she
sort of said something funny like um no well I heard they were poisonous and--
(she was busy signing autographs so it wasn't a very direct discourse) the
point is I felt kind of silly--- to think that she would have liked pop rocks,
and I realized, that however much Dar's music is a part of my life and however
much I might feel like I know her from the times I've seen her perform and from
the many hours I've spent with her music, I really don't know her at all. The
pop rocks were kind of a symbol of that---

Well, I'm sure she liked the card I made for her and its the thought that
counts. Oh and yes Peter I told her you said hello...

feeling like its the day after Christmas,

• Tuesday 08 December

Date: Tue Dec 8 22:00:09 1998
Subj: Re: Seattle Cry3

Would have sent a review sooner, but there is some conspiracy afoot as my
phone line has been sabatoged. I had to run to a friend's to catch up on my
email and post this.
I was a member of the "lukewarm reception" camp to the Cry3 CD. But after
seeing the show, I can whole-heartedly second Kristy's statement that all
these camp members will be more than satisfied with the live performance. I
haven't had a chance to play the CD since the concert, but I will let you know
if my opinion has changed since I have my own mental image pictures to look at
while I'm listening.
I definitely heard the "voice" that Dar and Lucy created in their duet of "The
Kid". It was pretty cool.
Dar treated my daughter extremely well and really made her evening by singling
her out of the crowd during the encore.


NP: Jeff Black Birmingham Road


• Wednesday 09 December

From: Katie Stohlmann <>
Date: Wed Dec 9 03:19:26 1998
Subj: Petaluma--Last Night

Wow, last night's Cry^3 show was so great in Petaluma. People on the
Nields nook got the detailed nerissa and katryna portion of the show
already but here's a short rephrasing of what I said, WOW! Nerissa and Katryna
were absolutely great and people loved them. Even my mom!
So anyways, I was selling the merch so I got to be let in while everyone
else was standing outside in the FREEZING cold (my poor mom had to go since
my friend Joan's back totally died on her, she was sad she couldn't go). I
got inside and met the Kris, the very nice and understanding of my overly
excited persona,tour manager. I heard Fall on Me and I was like "ooh cool,
they're playing the cd" and she said but that's live. so i got to hear a
lot of the soundcheck (and all of nerissa and katryna's) which sounded great.

After n&k's set, Dar, Lucy, and Richard came out. They opened with
Northern Cross and did probably every song off CCC plus Lucy sang, i think
it's called, 10 days night (the song about which dar called lucy a slut),
dar sang February and lucy sang too, and richard sang are you happy now
with dar and lucy backing as well. it sounded totally great. the
highlights, for me, was when nerissa and katryna sang on about 3 different
songs with CCC and dar's commentary, she is really funny.
Poor dar, it was totally freezing inside the theatre and she had short
sleeves on. people from the audience kept offering her their jackets and
so did richard. every time nerissa and katryna would come back on stage
they added more clothes which was pretty funny.

Afterwards i got to meet everybody which was totally cool. Lucy is really
really nice and was very cool when i told her i was selling the merch. i
totally sounded like a dork when talking to dar but that's not unusual. i
got a picture with dar and richard and somebody commented that dar and i
could have been related (i didn't see it, she's cool, i'm silly) and i said
it's because we both have that youthful glow and she said, yeah we're both
really 50. then we started talking about getting carded. but that's
boring to everyone but me.

So, all in all, it was a great show. i had a lot of fun selling the merch
and convincing people to buy nields cds. a lot of the people there had no
idea what they were in for. like joan said "people in sonoma county are
desperate for any kind of entertainment" but i think they were all very
happy with what they heard. there was a standing ovation and about 3
encores, including Christains and the Pagans, which was a big hit. Oh, a
word to anyone that's going soon. it gets out really late. i didn't get
home till almost midnight and then i had to drive back to san francisco.
my mom wasn't too happy about the late night but it was well worth it to
stay around afterwards and talk to everybody!

i think that's about it. i tried to condense as much as possible. that
was my first time seeing any of them and it was so cool!!

ps-to the grammar police: any and all grammatical errors were put there on
purpose. naw, just kidding. i'm on last week of the semester overload and
my brain isn't working on grammar right now :-)


Date: Wed Dec 9 12:12:09 1998
Subj: Re: C3(Corvallis version)

Fellow Portlander Kristy wrote:

<<And a note to anyone still 'thinking' about going to a CCC show. Even
if the CD didn't blow you away, if you are a fan of any of them solo
you WILL NOT be disappointed. I expected to want more of Dar. But as
it turned out I just wanted more...more of each of their individual
stuff and more of them together.>>

I was fortunate to be able to get to the Corvallis show. I tried to get C3
here in Portland, but Corvallis was just fine. I agree, the CD isn't nearly as
impressive as C3 live. Listening to it on the drive home, it felt that the
drums & percussion was in the way of the amazing harmonies. The show was
everything I hoped for, with only a couple (minor) dissapointments:
1. Even though the show was a normal length, I wanted it to go on for a couple
more hours... ;^)
2. February, (being my favorite Dar song & I'm very glad she chose it as her
song for the set) is soooo good it doesn't need any harmony.
The "Harmony Whores" were unbeleivable though. I was EXTEMELY impressed with
the harmony arrangement on "I Know What Kind Of Love This Is" that I hadn't
picked up on the CD. Dar & Lucy are trading melody & harmony back & forth so
much, the result was simply hypnotic!!! Its one of the best shows I've ever
seen, so if you get the chance... GO! Also, I can't leave out how good Cliff
Eberhardt was... another deserving guy...
My question for Kerry/Charlie... Since C3 is playing FRFF, does this mean
there may be additional dates, or even a summer tour?

See 'ya,
Greg St. Martin

• Sunday 10 December

From: Kelly Elizabeth Vaughan <kellyv@leland.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Thu Dec 10 02:08:10 1998
Subj: go.

Hey Darfolk,

I just got back from Cry3 tonight at the Great American Music Hall -- a
sight in itself, all gold rococo with balconies and pillars.

It was worth going just to see Nerissa & Katryna Nields sing "Hush before
the Heartbreak". A beautiful, intense song. Wow.

Cry3 opened with Northern Cross & Fall On Me. They all seemed a little
low-energy, tired or nervous or something. But they seemed more
comfortable by the third song, By Way of Sorrow.

Lucy sang Ten Year Night... it was funny because she said it's a true
story, and then how brave it was to admit that because her mom was in the
audience. ;-) I totally identify... it's always weird when my mom reads
stuff I've written.

Dar sang February. If you were on the list when we talked about that
song, you know how much that song whispers in my heart.

Then, a surprise! I won't tell exactly, in case I spoil it for anyone
going tomorrow... but I will hint. Tonight I saw & heard a *goddess*.

At the end, they all got out lyrics sheets, and said they were singing a
song they didn't know very well - at all. KPFA was taping the show to
play on New Year's Eve... so they sang Auld Lang Syne. It was incredible!

For encores they did Next Best Western, Cry Cry Cry (everyone all
together), and C&P with a sing-along.... and then I got to say hi (and
other dumb fan stuff) to the Nields and get a set list... I had to go
before Cry3 came out, but maybe tomorrow at Amoeba (I am *definitely*


"We all have reasons for moving. I move to keep things whole."
--Mark Strand, "Keeping Things Whole"

"The future is disorder. A door like this has cracked open five or six
times since we got up on our hind legs. It's the best possible time to be
alive, when almost everything you thought you knew is wrong."
--Tom Stoppard, "Arcadia"

"We make the world by whispers..."
--John Gardner, "Grendel"

Kelly Vaughan
Stanford University

Date: Thu Dec 10 14:07:53 1998
Subj: Re: go.

In a message dated 98-12-10 04:13:59 EST, you write:


Seasons greetings! I think it's rather funny that we have of late been
disclosing our occupations, because I had a dream recently (before the first
thread) that we were doing that! Seems it was very synchronicitous
(synchronistic?) of that wonderful lister to suggest it! I am a massage
therapist, and I practice in several locations around the SF Bay Area. Now
onto last night's show...Tom Padula, did I see you there?

I just got back from Cry3 tonight at the Great American Music Hall -- a
It was worth going just to see Nerissa & Katryna Nields sing "Hush before
the Heartbreak". A beautiful, intense song. Wow.

God they were good. After they played, my friend went back to purchase
_Play_, and upon returning said the CD was selling like hotcakes, being
grabbed and gotten before you could say boo. What delightful harmonies!

Cry3 opened with Northern Cross & Fall On Me. They all seemed a little
low-energy, tired or nervous or something. But they seemed more
comfortable by the third song, By Way of Sorrow.

I perceived this too, that it took them a few songs to shake off a bit of
One of my favorites was "Are You Happy Now" -- just gorgeous. So tight and
I thought "Fall On Me" sounded a little weird without drums, but my friend
thought it was just perfect that way, as she hadn't heard the C3 CD yet.

Then, a surprise! I won't tell exactly, in case I spoil it for anyone
going tomorrow... but I will hint. Tonight I saw & heard a *goddess*.

Yes, the four of them were just splendid, weren't they? :-)

At the end, they all got out lyrics sheets, and said they were singing a
song they didn't know very well - at all. KPFA was taping the show to
play on New Year's Eve... so they sang Auld Lang Syne. It was incredible!

Their harmonies for this one were golden. I can't wait to hear it again!

And then afterwards...usually I am more likely to be starstruck in the
presence of a celebrity I admire, but Dar has always had such a wonderfully
calming effect on me. Tonight was no different. I had brought my copy of TMP
for Dar to sign, and when she saw me she cocked her head and said, "I know
you! Tell me your name!" So I told her, and she said, "You know, I was going
to say "Bonnianne" but --- you changed your hair color, that's it!" The last
time I had met her after a show was *two* years ago! At that time, we were
both brunettes. :-) (It's now red.)

She said she really was thrilled with TMP and hoped to be able to get online
again before the holidays to tell everyone that. I asked her if she'd like me
to pass that along and she beamed, "Yes!!"

Back in 1995, she was here at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, and at that
time I had given her a present, a casette of 4 original songs of mine that I
told her was "something for you to listen to on the road." She genuinely
appreciated it, and even though I was curious to know what she thought of it,
I didn't ask again. In fact, I had forgotten about it. So last night, three
years later, she goes, "You know I loved your cut on this (TMP), and I loved
your tape!"

Am I happpy now? Oh, yesssss.


NP: C3


From: "Joanne Finnin" <>
Date: Fri Dec 11 19:49:47 1998
Subj: C3 in San Fran and "what I do"

I just had to tell everyone out there that I'm really enjoying this list
- and to share the magnificence of Cry, Cry, Cry and the show in San

It was amazing - I saw the Neilds in CT before (the entire band) and
they were so fresh and energized - and friendly - they all signed the
cd's I bought that night (as did Dar).

Seeing the Nields in SF was great - I love their sound - and I love "I
know what kind of love this is" - both the C3 version and the Nields

The "special guest" just blew my mind away - an unbelievable treat and
one that will be much treasured.

I'm really looking forward to Lucy's new CD and am totally a Richard
Shindell fan now - have to say at first I didn't really enjoy the C3 cd
but now.... I'm hooked - can't stop playing it!

For what I do... I'm a Physician Assistant in Sacramento - I work in
surgery and believe me - music makes surgery so much more enjoyable -
the right music for the right case and towards the end of the case - we
crank up the music - we call it "closing music" - during the suturing
of the incisions.

One more tidbit - a great book: Into Thin Air - just finished it -
couldn't put it down - about the 1996 Everest tragedy - featured in the
IMAX film "Everest" - also highly recommended.

NP: Leo Kottke - Standing in My Shoes: Corrina, Corrina.



Digest for December 12, 1998

From: "Derek A. Fong" <dfong@leland.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Sat Dec 12 02:15:03 1998
Subj: Cry3 in Watsonville: blown away

hello darlings,

its been a long time since i've posted but i just got back from an amazing
show. if not the best, it is certainly close to the best i've ever
seen..this is a lot of praise too coming from someone who has seen
probably a dozen Dar shows and Lucy and Richard four times each prior to

being both sick with the flu and busy over the past couple of weeks, i
only could skim recent digests. so this many not be a unique experience,
but for me, Cry3 the album is a great one with a few gems, some great
ones, and a few solid efforts. the latter few were elevated to new
heights tonight for me. For instance, The Kid on the album never did a
whole lot for me. it sounded nice, but i also liked Dave Wilcox's
rendition. but tonight, Dar and Lucy changed my mind. D+L= a third voice
(as they said), and angelic undescribeable voice.

i could go on and on, but i'll condense my review here with a set list:

Opening act: Mare Winningham --great voice...reminded me of Joan Baez

the set for the trio:

all of C^3 + Wilder than her, February, Ten Year Night (can't wait for the
album...this is the second time i've heard Lucy sing this song and both
times i've been spellbound), Are you happy now

encores: christians and pagans, auld lang syne (sp?), cry cry cry, next
best western

Dar was a bit taken a back by not seeing me in New England. she exclaimed
something like "oh no, i don't think i remember your name...why is this so
confusing?" i told her it was Derek (didn't want to torture her) and
explained that i had moved from New England to CA and she felt a bit
relieved but said she was still embarrassed. anyway we chatted a bit and
when i left, she told me to say hello to the Dar List. So here it is:
HELLO from Dar!

anyway, if you have the chance, go see the show. tell you friends, i
think it's fun for even those who aren't huge fans. it seemed the case
for many in the audience (not familiar with some of the album or the solo
artists...showed when they apppeared to laugh for the first time over
newly heard lyrics).

anyway, there's my contribution for a few weeks. =) (of course, i couldn't
resist writing this message since Dar told me explicitly to say hello to
the list, right?)


From: "Hopedance" <>
Date: Sat Dec 12 13:39:40 1998
Subj: Cry, Cry, Cry: Watsonville Show!

Hi Darlings, Darheads, Darlets, Darbees and Cry, Cry, Criers:

Last night's show in Watsonville was superb! Derek Fong has already given
you the low-down on the set list-- so I will just give you a general
overview of my experience.

The show exceeded all expectations. I was, once again, totally in awe of
the fine, skilled, musicianship of this delightful trio. Not to mention the
wonderful friendship and camaraderie the group share. The voices were
strong and perfectly harmonized. The guitar playing was just incredible.
It blew me away. Richard is . . . right there. The three of them-- each
bringing a very special element to the whole-- are not to be missed!

Richard: Brilliant-- I am in total awe! The man is a wonder to behold. It
is such a treat to see Richard here on the west coast. He was the highlight
of the show for me. His voice is so splendidly rich that I feel he carries
the wisdom from centuries past in his words. And when he played that little
red mandolin, on Mary Magdalen, I thought I was going to cry. In fact, I
think I did.

Lucy: Genuine-- what a voice! Lucy gets better each time I see her. Her
sense of rythym and timing is right on. You can see it in her entire
being-- from the way she taps her little feet to the manner in which she
lets her hands move and dance with the music. Her new song is a beauty-- or
"beautiful"-- as someone yelled from the audience after she sang "Ten Year
Night." After which, Lucy "beamed" the rest of the evening. Watch out for
this woman!

Dar: Stunning. Beautiful, as always. Gracious, as always. She wore her
sparkling royal blue-purpleish sleeveless stretch dress. And when she
picked up the little turquoise electric guitar-- the colors were AMAZING!
She was our ever delightful Dar . . . bubbling with enthusiasm for the songs
and the songwriters. What was particularly beautiful was how she so
graciously allowed the others to shine along with her.

Billy Masters: Delightful! I love the way he and Richard communicate on
stage. Billy was wearing his bright red long-sleeve tunic shirt-- it was
quite festive! The shirt was worn over brushed black corduroy jeans that
picked up a sparkle from the stage lights as he maneuvered and skillfully
played all those instruments. He came out wearing his specs during the
second half of the show! Unlike John, in Tucson, I was unable to pick up
the color of Billy's socks. But, in honor of Pat in Michigan, I challenge
every Cry, Cry, Cry concert-goer from here on out to find out the color of
Billy Masters' socks!

Mare Winningham: She was all I expected and more! Mare jokingly commented
that since the Cry, Cry Cry Tour was highlighting the songs of relatively
"unknown" singer/ songwriters, she felt she could do all her own songs and
fit right in :>) Mare played guitar and the dulcimer and sang so sweetly.
She reminds me a bit of Dar herself and it was a pleasure to see them share
the same stage. Apparently, Mare had just appeared on TV the night before
in an episode of "ER,"
so it was cute that she was wearing a long tan-beige "lab technician" type

Mare was invited back on stage to sing Johnny Cash's "Cry, Cry, Cry" with
the trio near the end of the show. She belted out her solo verse with
strength, confidence and style-- and got applause from the audience when her
part was complete. It was an nice experience to see her on a "school stage"
again-- the last time I saw her "live" was when I went to Chatsworth High
School. Mare was in the high school play in her senior year-- she played
"Maria" in the Sound of Music (Kevin Spacey played the part of Captain Von
Trapp). That was over 20 years ago! Mare's songs are wonderful and I
strongly recommend her new Razor & Tie CD "Lonesomers."

All five of these incredible musicians joined together in the end for a
beautiful arms-and-shoulders-connected bow. A rainbow of colors-- an
evening of soulful sound. What a treat!


Reality is directly linked to the vibrational rate of the observer
-- Astral Traveler


From: "Teresa J. Wong" <>
Date: Sat Dec 12 19:25:24 1998
Subj: a poem and my cosmic sister moment dar story

I don't know how long I've been on this list (a year?), but I think this
is my first post. I want to gush about Dar, and this is probably the best
place to do it (and it's a good reason to delurk). :)

Background: I saw Dar in Santa Barbara in April, which was the first time
I met her. I spent the show jotting down occasional poem ideas (along with
the setlist) on a napkin. Later that night, I really wanted to go to the
beach, so my boyfriend, the friend we were staying with that night, and I
made the short walk to the closest beach. We were standing on the stairs
to the beach, with the tide in and *right* below us... a beautiful night.
While they were busy talking, I stepped back, pulled out that napkin, and
just wrote.... This is what spilled out:

the moon is rising

some things can't be created, they just are.
and you can't change,
so you just watch and enjoy,
so you just feel and accept.

the orange glow
sinks into our rage of crashing noise,
endless powerful life pulsing below my feet.
all the lights have come out to play tonight,
and my words sing as I hear their music.
I'm watching as I'm on the stage,
dancing on water and walking on the ocean,
climbing and stepping,

it all comes in and goes out,
in deeper still, drowning.
now my power has returned,
standing above the nature I can't control,
the nature that controls me.
and the orange glow sinking
isn’t sinking, it's rising.

out of waves of terror,
out of waves of kindness,
out of waves of trying so hard.
here where things are darkest
I can rise the highest,
staring in deep black night above deep black coldness,
because this body gives me strength
(that comes from me, not its water).
I can rise alone.

and I may try and not succeed,
but I can't lose if it's not a battle,
and it's not a battle unless I'm fighting,
and I know I can't fight against it.
but how hard will I fight for it,
and what am I fighting for,
and how do I know there's anything left
to save or discover? I don't.
tonight I dip down to the white horizon,
but I'll always be back.

yes, the moon is rising now.

-- teresa jennifer wong, 4/17/98, isla vista, ca.

Thursday at the Cry Cry Cry show in San Francisco, I brought a copy of my
poem to give to Dar. So when I got to the front of the meeting/signing
line, I did, explaining when I wrote it and why I was sharing it with her
(she was a big part of the inspiration). She said that she would read it
later (and Richard asked if he could read it too :) ), but that she did
notice I wrote "the moon is rising" -- and that she had written a song
called "Calling the Moon" with a similar line. (I had actually read the
lyrics posted here, and was pretty amazed when I saw it). And that's when
she said we had a "cosmic sister moment." :)

I told a friend (also a fan) about it, and she said, "Wouldn't it be weird
if Dar wrote a song called 'Cosmic Sister Moment'?" I replied, "It would
be *really* weird because I just wrote a poem called that." :) (It's
still in progress.)


teresa jennifer wong,
"there are no happy endings for nothing ever ends...." -- tara maclean



Sunday 13th



Date: Sun Dec 13 21:50:56 1998
Subj: C3 in SF Revealed


Well, I'm to guess that Wednesday's C3 show in SF last week
got a special treat that Thursday unfortunately didn't. In the latter
portion of the show, Dar talked about this one singer/songwriter
who was there that night whose work she really liked and wanted
to call to the she said, "Joan Baez, would you come
up here?" I'm paraphrasing because unlike Dar, I have an incredibly
horrid memory of what she actually said; all I remember is the whole
audience having a collective cow as Joan rose up out of her chair,
which was not more than 15 feet away from me and I had no idea
she'd been sitting there, and gracefully ascended the stage. She
was wearing a conservative knee-length grey skirt and jacket, and
made a comment in front of the other three about "Why do I feel
like I'm on _All My Children_?" Whereupon Dar shot back (to the
audience), "Why is it she feels like that when she's got the best
legs of all of us?" And I think it was Joan who said something like,
"Oh, now she's talking about legs. Usually she's talking about butts."


"I've come to terms with the fact that I'm good in bed."
- Alanis Morrissette



Digest for December 14, 1998

From: "Candace Faunce" <>
Date: Mon Dec 14 03:09:11 1998
Subj: CryCryCry at the Troubadour!

Hello Darlings, Darheads, Darlets, Darbees and Cry Cry Criers,

Yes. I was there again tonight. CryCryCry in Los Angeles at the
Troubadour. But please don't call me a "Groupie" because I'm really not.
I just realize it will probably be a long, long time before I see these
three spectacular performers all together again at one time on the West
coast. The show was nothing less than spectacular-- and the most
exciting news of the evening-- and this is for Pat in Michigan--


This, according to Lucy, who mentioned there had been some discussion on
the internet about the color of Billy's socks. So- Lucy wanted to note
for the record that Billy wore "no socks" tonight. (That's for you Pat,
my friend-- Are you happy now?)

As for the show itself:

Lucy: A Natural! What a voice! This woman is incredible. I can totally
"feel" that she is having a good time when she performs. I especially
saw it tonight during "Auld Lang Syne." She was just glowing as she
sang harmonies with Dar and Richard. And I loved the way Lucy stepped
forward tonight and shared a couple of stories and anecdotes from their
day in Southern California. The group went jogging today on the beach!
And it was a special treat to know that Lucy's parents and family
members were with us in the audience. Watch out for Lucy. She's gonna

Richard: Beloved Richard. Angel Richard. Splendid Richard. What sheer
delight-- Richard! I can just hang on his every word. It's like there's
no one else in the room when the man opens his mouth to sing. I have to
say it again... Richard's voice is so splendidly rich that I feel I can
hear the wisdom of centuries past in his words. Richard-- there is no
fence to jump over to find you. When you sing, the whole world stops.
And it's magic.

Dar: Delightful and Dazzling Dar! What a sweety pie. So kind. So
gracious. Always so thoughtful. Dar even remembered "David" who had
traveled all the way from Australia to see the show (Hi David!). Her
music tonight was as enchanting as ever. The voice in top form as
always. "February" reaches right through and gets me every time.

The Nields: These two sisters are a true delight! Joy and light shine
through their entire beings when they sing. The world would be a much
better place if we could all dance and let our souls shine through as
these two fine ladies do. How sweet that they hold eachother's hand as
they sing "Cry,Cry,Cry" with Dar, Richard and Lucy. A very special treat
to see them perform.

Billy Masters: The Sockless Master(s)! I didn't actually see his bare
ankles, mind you. I'm just taking Lucy's word for it. Lucy also
happened to mention that Billy was a true "fashion plate." And that he
was. He didn't let us down, folks. He must have known we'd be

Now, because of the multi-colored stage lights it was difficult to pick
up the exact coloring of Billy's shirt but, if I had to take my best
quess, I would say it was chartreuse with big light brown circles on it.
And within each of those light brown circles was a bright yellow sun
with rays. I could be totally off on the coloring-- but you get the
picture. The man is a "fashion plate!" Sleeves rolled to the elbow.
It was the Southern California look. And watch out! The man can play a
pretty mean guitar too-- And then some!

Thanks to all these fine "troubadours" for making tonight a very special
treat for us all. Pure magic. A rainbow of colors. A soulful of


Reality is directly linked to the vibrational rate of the observer.
--Astral Traveler


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From: Arjuna Greist <>
Date: Mon Dec 14 03:14:22 1998
Subj: CCC tonight

OK, I said I wouldn't post, and I won't... much. Tonight was just great!
There are a million little things which I will elaborate on once I'm not
writing final papers, but I hafta mention a few things:
Dar thanked me for my Great Unknown Post (which her parents forwarded to
her, thank you Ms & Mr Williams) and told me that she loved my track on
I told Billy M about the sock thing and he told me that just for that, he
wasn't gonna wear any socks for the show, & that he was gonna wear really
weird socks for the remainder of the tour.
Dar winked at me from the stage! (I'm pretty sure, anyway...)
Nerissa noticed our very similar goddess neckklaces & said, "look!
sisters!" OK :) Actually, my neclace is EXACTLY like Dar's, which I
noticed in that new publicity shot.
Oh... there's so many other things, including the fact that my body was
all shivers about 42 times during the show... but I hafta stop now.
Thank you to Miss Kris, the official Darlist chauffeuse, for coming all
the way out to Pitzer to pick me up & drop me off. :)
Nice to see so many listers there... ok, really, I'm writing papers now.
peace, arjuna

NP Nields, Mousse... did I mention how wonderful the Nields are? And it
don't hurt that Katryna gives me goosebumps & tickley skin. :)
"What are we for if not for this?"- Nerissa


From: (patrick t power)
Date: Mon Dec 14 06:35:45 1998
Subj: CryCryCry

I picked this up from the Folk_Music digest . . .

From: Joe Blau <>
Subject: Concert review: Cry Cry Cry

For the past several weeks, I've been immersed in sorrow. No, I'm not
depressed this holiday season: I've just be listening to the "Cry Cry
Cry" album. Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky and Richard Shindell have
created an album of great depth and beauty. This past Friday night, I
saw them in concert in Watsonville, CA, and like the album, the show
generally lived up to my (high) expectations.

A pleasant surprise with "Cry Cry Cry" is how well Lucy and Dar's voices
blend together. Individually, I love each of their voices, yet I
wondered if their special qualities would get lost in the blend. But no,
it is something new and equally delightful to hear them sing
together, and it seemed even more so in concert, especially in their
renditions of Buddy Mudlock's "The Kid" and Nerissa Nields' "I Know What
Kind of Love This Is". I was also impressed by Richard's guitar playing
on many of the songs.

At times during the concert, I found myself absorbed in the beauty of
these performances. But other songs drew me into the lyrics of the
talented songwriters. James Keelaghan's "Cold Missouri Waters" is such a
gripping tale, which always makes me shiver. And "Lord, I Have Made You
a Place in My Heart" reminded me once again of Greg Brown's genius and

Of course, the three members of this group are no songwriting hacks
themselves. They performed a handful of their own songs, including Dar's
"February" (Lucy's harmonies again delightful) and, in response to an
audience request, "The Christians and the Pagans." From Richard's
repertoire, we heard the clever "Are You Happy Now" and "The Ballad of
Mary Magdalen" (my favorite song on the album), which Dar interprets
so well. Lucy's new song, "Ten Year Night" was enthusiastically
received; when the applause finally died down, someone yelled out "That
was beautiful!" Lucy blushed, and we all cheered some more. After
hearing that song, I'm sure many people in the audience are anticipating
her new album as much as I am.

This trio has a great chemistry together, both in their harmonies and
their stage presence. Dar is quirky and bubbly, Lucy is cute and
charming, and Richard is cool and subdued. While none of them is as
outrageously funny as say, Cheryl Wheeler, there was a good dose of
playful banter between the songs. For example, Lucy, who has a
doctorate in psychology, commented on Dar's outfit, a long skin-tight
purple velvet dress: "You've discovered your inner bombshell!"

It was an enjoyable evening. I highly recommend the show (see the tour
schedule at If you aren't able to attend, at least
get the album. It's essential listening for fans of singer-songwriters.

From: "Jeff Thomas" <>
Date: Mon Dec 14 08:55:40 1998
Subj: C3 at the Troub

I guess I'm one of the first to post on the show last night at the
Troub. It was pretty special.

First we waited in line outside for 45 minutes. There my wife and I
got to meet some pretty cool listers (Kris, Scott, Brandy) and
some other nice people. Then we waited in the bar for an hour.
Then in the club itself for 30 minutes. Oh well, it was great talking
to everybody. I would have spent more time chatting it up with my
fellow darlisters but I am really intense when it comes to making
sure I get a good seat and don't get stuck behind a pole or

Before the show, when we were sitting down, none other than her
Dar-ness was next to us, saving seats for a couple of friends. We
were, of course, happy to watch the seats for her.

I was amazed at the number of people who did not know The
Nields. It was a treat getting to see them without the noise of the
band (I love the band, don't get me wrong), and Katryna's vocals
and Nerissa's songwriting really took center stage. They did an
extra-long 45 minute set with mostly songs from Mousse and Play,
and a couple from Greta.

Then it was time for Cry Cry Cry. The set list was pretty much the
same as all the other shows I've read about: All the songs from the
record, plus "February", "Ten Year Night" and "Are You Happy
Now?" For the encore, a stunning version of "Auld Lang Syne" and
the Johnny Cash song (with the Nields) + "Next Best Western."
All three were in good voice, and Richard, I learned, is a pretty
good picker. And thanks, Dar, for remembering me, you made my

All evening, I couldn't help but thinking I was part of something
special; an event that you don't get to be part of very often. Do not
miss the show if you get the chance.



Date: Mon Dec 14 11:21:45 1998
Subj: LA Cry, Cry, Cry

OK, so I liked the CD "OK." Some good songs, but a little lifeless. A buddy of
mine and I have been talking about going to the Troubadour for months, but
after getting the CD we have gone back and forth (Sunday evening traffic from
Santa Barbara to LA can be brutal, it's the same weekend as our company party,
there's only a few more shopping days left, blah, blah, blah...). So we
deliberately put off getting tickets and finally about 2:00pm yesterday we
decide to go (along with a friend of my friend).

No traffic on the way there and got there early enough to get something to
eat, so we go to Cantor's deli on Fairfax so the my friends can take the
gentile (me) to a real Jewish deli. Of course the gentile blows to the whole
by ordering his corned beef sandwich on a French roll, rather than rye! Which
was $.35 extra--kind of a gentile tax.

So we get there well before show time, waiting in line listening to the people
who bought tickets for the "early show" that was canceled figure out they are
going to be in line way longer than they anticipated. Met a few dar-listers
and introduced myself as the "Krispy Kruller Bowling Shirt Design guy" ("Yea,
whatever happened to that?").

Nields opened. They really need to learn to come out of their shells. Open up
a little more on stage, move a little more. <g> They were great. Did a full 45

We were told while in line that CCC would do about 75minutes set. More like 2
hours, with 2 encores. The CCC stuff is wwaayy better live--really great live.
They did a few of their own tunes. Lots of good stories. The first encore was
Johnny Cash's Cry, Cry, Cry with the Nields.

Man, I' glad I went!!!

PS: Sorry, no set list. It's just too much like taking notes.


PPS:I have another lead on bowling shirts. I'm looking into it, but don't hold
your breath. Nobody seems to make old style bowling shirts anymore.


15th Dec

From: "Miss Kris ;)" <>
Date: Tue Dec 15 01:20:00 1998
Subj: CCC at Troubadour

Hiya Peoples!

Just received my fourth holiday card in the mail. I feel so loved! :)

The show on Sunday night was unbelievable. I have never seen The Nields
perform (in any form), so that was a real treat. And Cry Cry Cry! WOW!
I was blown away. I can't wait to tell everyone who didn't want to go
with me that they missed out on a wonderful show (I'm so nice, aren't

Since there are many similarities with everyone's reviews (not that I
don't like them all--keep 'em coming!), I'll just tell you a few of the
most memorable moments for me:

--seeing Billy Masters' bare legs as he got out of the van (he was
wearing shorts!)
--everyone being extremely friendly while we waited forever, whether
they were a Dar lister or not
--Nerissa's little march she does when she plays guitar
--Katryna giving me guitar tips
--Billy Masters constantly wanting Dar to tell stories about beavers and
other creatures
--the most amazing rendition of "Auld Lang Syne" I've ever heard
--Richard Shindell remembering me from a year ago
--the delight on Lucy, Dar, and Richard's face (I *know* I did that
punctuation wrong) when I gave them each a South American candy bar that
was called "Cri-Cri"
--the Ani discography lesson I received from Arjuna on the way home

When you have a chance to see the show, take lots of pictures! I was
having problems with BOTH cameras, so I don't know if any of my pics
turned out. :(

And on an unrelated note (well, possibly related a bit), I just wanted
to say that i really love being on this list. You folks make me laugh
and make me cry and show me things that I never thought of before.
Thanks for everything. (Awww......go get a hankie...)

Off to put up the CCC posters I took from the Troubadour!

--kris ;)

PS -- the elmopea in my address, Katie, is how I used to say my
alphabet. H...I..J...K..Elmo Pea. It's now the name of my production
company (which hasn't produced anything lately).



From: (patrick t power)
Date: Tue Dec 15 15:45:15 1998
Subj: San Francisco CryCryCry Cross-post

I found another CryCryCry review on the Folk_Music Digest. Enjoy!

Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 16:37:33 -0500 (EST)
From: Doug Landauer <>
Subject: Re: Cry, Cry, Cry in San Francisco

Robert C Phelps said:
> Cry, Cry, Cry (Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky and Richard Shindell)
> played two nights in San Francisco this past week ... What a great
> show! If you have any chance at all to see them on this tour,
> do it!

My wife Deborah and I made it to the Thursday show -- along with
long-time folk_music contributor Krista Reymann and her friend Bryan.

> For encores, the group did rousing version of Dar's "The Christians
> and the Pagans" and--appropriately enough--Johnny Cash's "Cry! Cry!

They sound great on that song, but for me it just, ahem, cried out for
the addition of a genuine bass singer to round it out and as a tribute
to Mr. Cash. For me, the standout songs of the show were Robert Earl
Keen's "Shades of Gray" and Richard Shindell's "The Ballad of Mary

> The Neilds opened.

I can never remember whether it's Nields or Neilds...

The Nields opened.

Just the sisters Nerissa and Katryna were there -- the three Daves
didn't make the trip out west. They sounded very nice in this somewhat
toned-down, acoustic setting. After their too-brief set (4 songs) was
over, they joined the other three for one or two songs near the start
and end of the main show.

Other tidbits: it was interesting to watch Dar and Lucy when they
weren't singing. Dar always looked like she was concentrating;
Lucy kinda looked a little bored at times.

Last time I saw them (just Dar & Richard, about a year ago), I hadn't
really noticed how good a guitarist Richard is.

On one of the songs, they did verses in pairs -- Dar & Lucy, Richard
& Lucy, and Dar & Richard. I was impressed to hear how different
Richard made his voice sound, to match Lucy's sharper clarity, and
then to soften somewhat to blend beautifully with Dar's softer voice.

From: alicia the mack <>
Date: Tue Dec 15 17:07:02 1998
Subj: shirts and so on

sorry, i haven't posted in a long long time, although i'm still a diligent
darlist reader. two things: is anyone going to see dar at the rosebud in
pittbsurgh in january, or in williamsport pa (whihc is think is in april)?
i'm going to both shows and it'd be fun to meet some of you.

also: whatever happened with those bowlijng shirts (you know, the krispy
kruller ones)?


"you think the paper boy likes you because he rides past your house every
-- sailor venus
"and now you'll dance through the days while the orchestra plays . . . "
--dar williams
"so say i take korenman here and bash her head into the wall . . . "
--my self-defense teacher

alicia korenman



Dec 17


From: "Brandy Schaffels"<>
Date: Thu Dec 17 12:19:40 1998
Subj: Guys with guitars, Troub show, Big business

Okay, I've finally caught up with all my digests and feel it is now
safe to post. (All work and no play makes Brandy a very dull Dar-

Here are some guys with guitars that nobody had mentioned yet:

Ron Sexsmith: He toured with Dar in the spring, and is wonderful. I
bought his album "Other Songs" first, and really like it best. He
is the author of "Speaking with the Angel," but some of his other,
really beautiful, songs include "Strawberry Blonde" and "Pretty
Little Cemetery."

Livingston Taylor: "Liv" to his friends and fans. If you like James
Taylor, you'll love his brother. They sound eerily similar, but Liv
has a simpler, more folky feel. While all of his albums are great,
I highly recommend his greatest hits album called "Carolina Day,"
which I think is part of the Razor & Tie catalog. Visit his website
at I promise you won't be disappointed.

Okay, about the Troubadour:
So it was great getting to meet and hang out with all the folks in
line. And we were there long enough! (Scott, your son is really a
terrific sport!)

The show was terrific. I was the one who made Richard blush, and
got the conversation about the weather started. I can't wait to
develop my film and see how blurry the photos turn out. I tried to
be respectful of the "No flash" rule, but none of the people on
stage would hold still while my shutter was open.

So at the end of the night, after the show when they came out for
the meet and greet, I turned into the most amazing dufus!!! Rather
than appear to be a stupid gushing fan and stumble all over myself,
I just became the mute, wallflower fan who stood around and watched
everybody else. (Me? Restrained? How about comatose?) It was the
fourth time I had seen Dar in concert, and my first meet and greet,
and I had nothing to say. Doh!!

Live and learn. Next time, I'll buy a roll of 800 film, and
practice what I want to say beforehand.

Oh and guess what? The company I work for, Petersen Publishing, was
just sold (again!) to an English company called Emap. So to all of
you out there who hate those giant conglomerates and condemn big
business, I have the great pleasure of saying "I now work for the
largest publishing company in Great Britain, and didn't even have
to leave Los Angeles." And my stock doubled. Looks like I'm gonna
get that new Apple G3 computer for Christmas afterall.

Ho ho ho, and happy holidays!


DEC 22



From: Lisa Wehlmann <>
Date: Tue Dec 22 06:04:19 1998
Subj: C3 in all it's deconstructive glory....

i have to babble about some stuff before it goes away.
nothing coherent really. was going to post earlier and more cohesively
to the list, but i'm tired
and just want to ramble. and thought you'd might understand. or maybe
enjoy it. i dunno.

listening to C3, first time, bought it today. third or fourth time
through some of the songs.

reminds me of why the human voice is the most impacting and moving of
in cold missouri waters, richards' voice pulls and plucks every string,
every fiber of being, vibrating at the desperation of a man who can not
plead persuasively enough at the greatest moment, in the most dire
yawning maw of needing to entreat that ever was.... and he carries those
bodies he failed to convince on his back for the rest of his life.

the song starts off not in a minor or somber way, it just takes right
off, with the guitar going from spare to more full as it rapidly
unfolds. god what a beautiful song. i love how the storyteller par
excellence by way of richard just snakes around your attention and pulls
you right in before you even know you've been snared. the three lines at
the end of each stanza right before the 'cold missouri waters' line rise
and drop off so hearthbreakingly.
...'we can't make it, this is the only chance you'll get'

have you ever known that what you did at a certain moment was so
eminently and everlastingly influential, that everything, dozens and
hundreds and maybe even thousands of everything, hung on that move, that
decision? how many people were affected, how many lives changed forever?
how could he have made it different? how could he escape the
inescapable? having been the crew chief, he carred fifteen lives, and
all that they touched, in his hands. and suddenly, out of nowwhere, he
has a flash, the passing angel drops life back in his hands.
oh the bitterness of them cursing him, when he'd've laid his life down
for them.....and
rising 'like a phoenix from the ashes'
he has to carry the charred evidence of his failure to the river that
should have been their safeguard, 'we'd have our backs to the river'
'we'd have it licked by morning, even if we took it slow'

and he'd done what he should've done, he'd seen bigger fires, and this
one should have been no problem.
nothing quite like going the rest of your life saying 'if only....'

and then dar and lucy's voice's rising in harmony like the spirits of
the fallen leaving the earth.
every time he says thirteen stations....i picture the crosses on hill,
but not really, more like thirteen crosses in the northern sky, high
above, the heavens marking them off like the north star...

then in speaking with an angel, the warm, soothing, gently explaining
sound surrounds and somewhat chidingly reproaches. the charming and
quaint colloquial syntax 'he don't know....'
it brings us back, back to who we quote tom robbins 'all a
part of the mystery. not a mystery, mind you, _the_ Mystery'

somehow we, in spite of our intentions to imbue a small life with
goodness, mercy, wisdom, and judgement, still prejudicially orient them
to our views, which were learned from the moment of birth also. this may
be good or bad, i'm not making a call here....but i am saying that we
are born 'speaking with the angel', totally connected to the Source, and
'Oh, do you remember'? 'the very one that spoke to you and me'
and yet 'you say he's so helpless' when really he's most knowing and
seeing, at the zenith of the essence of life and all that is.

the kid. a slow, sleepy, sneaks up on you kind of song. mesmerizing in
the slow groove....listening for those slight waverings of resonance
that betrays more than one voice, and then the still true harmonies
coming out here and there.
the lyrics sorts of oppose the feel of the song.
'ran away to the circus'
'look he's working without a net this time, a real death-defyer' in a
lilting, almost resigned, tired/wistful/bored kind of tone, vs the words
which would normally be uttered with a degree of excitement or
walking sonambulent, in an eternal dreamy state, a reality that simply
is what it is. he can't 'get a grip' or 'snap out of it' for love or
money. it's just not the way he's wired.
i'm sure i could say more, but i'm also sure this is more than enough
for now.....and i'll pretty sure i'll get bounced into the stratosphere
for post-length...but it's christmas, and maybe i'll get waved through
on the impetus of peace on dar-list and goodwill toward verbose posters.

lisa 'i got the music in me' wehlmann.

and no, i don't think at all that dar's 'the end of summer' was
tendentiously oriented toward home-schooling at all. i think, like most
of her music, she is an observer who in a moment of observation,
vicariously puts both herself, and us (as listeners) in the
body/mind/experience of something that we may or may not relate to, that
may resonate with us on the level of collective unconscious, or common
human experience. but i don't see her even on the fence, let alone
siding one way or the other. she's just (to me) describing the angst of
there. now i'm done.