Littlewood Archers

This site is primarily for Littlewood Archers and anyone interested in field archery

Welcome here you will find some
information about our field archery
club, archery in general and field
archery in particular. Hopefully I
will be able to keep you up to date
with our Club, some of our
activities and the personalities
involved. You will also find Shoot
Dates, Photo's, Notes, Links to
other sites and anything else we
can think of including information
on field archery in Ireland.

The club was founded to promote field
archery in the Longford Region. No we do not
shoot fields. Although for some of us it seams
that way. We are based at Farragh Cross close
to the townland of Cullyfad in Co. Longford,
about 4 miles from Longford Town. The woods
we use surround a Walled Garden and Gate
House. Which is in the process of being
converted to use as a coffee shop.

With the growth in membership and for
ease of communications we have decided
to put this site together. Hopefully it will
help us to keep in touch and give others
a glimpse of the sport of field archery.

Unlike target archery, field archery is practiced in forest areas with targets set up at various ranges. The
targets are normally pictures of animals, so you have a virtual hunt. We use most types of bows from
recurve to compound with archers from all round the country participating in competition rounds. Field
archery is a growing and inexpensive sport for all the family. This site can only give you an idea of what
field archery is about. However if you would like to find out more about either target archery or field
archery please contact one of our members listed in the Links/Contacts page. Thank you for visiting

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