Recommended Books and Software

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Below is a list of recommended books and software for developing with Mozilla and ActiveX.

The links are in association with Amazon (hence the mild spam), but practically every other online bookseller (Barnes & Noble etc.) will stock them too. More detailed descriptions and readers reviews can be found by following the links.

Firefox, Mozilla & Netscape Books


ActiveX, OLE, COM and DCOM Books

The Mozilla control is an ActiveX/OLE control. An understanding of COM technology and the OLE2 interfaces is essential to understand how it functions.

Internet Explorer, HTML and DHTML Books

Microsoft Internet Explorer is complicated enough for whole books in it's own right. In particular it is necessary to know how to embed IE into another application and what makes it tick.

Scripting Books

C++ and Standard Template Library Books

The Mozilla control uses C++ classes, multiple inheritance, namespaces, templates and the Standard Template Library (STL).

Windows, ATL and MFC Books

The Mozilla control is implemented using classes from the Active Template Library (ATL). The CBrowse sample browser/harness is written in MFC with some ATL.

Web Standards Books

Other subjects

Here's some other books that I like, though they aren't really relevant to the Mozilla control!

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