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The ActiveX plugin has been updated to work with Firefox 1.0 for Windows. Please don't install this on any other version of Firefox. This version only runs on Firefox 1.0 on Windows and not 0.9, 1.0.1, 1.1 or any other number or platform. You have been warned!

Note that unlike previous versions of the control, this one ships in a whitelist mode. I.e, it only supports the Windows Media Player control by default and nothing else. If you you want to enable other controls, or to switch a blacklist mode (at your own risk), refer to the plugin page and the notes concerning the activex.js policy file. This change has been introduced to make the policy consistent with NS7.1/7.2 and to prevent crashes that have been observed with certain 3rd party controls.


I've released the final version of the Mozilla 1.7.1 ActiveX Control Installer (PGP).

I will be incommunicado until August 10 so please be patient! I'll deal with inquiries when I get back assuming my mailbox hasn't self destructed with spam by then.


Here is the second test release of the Mozilla 1.7 ActiveX Control Installer (PGP).

This is built from the 1.7 branch. New features include a page setup dialog, fixes to ExecWB and a better DOM support thanks to Alexandre Trémon. The installer is now NSIS 2.0 final. The about:plugins URL has been fixed since t1.

I intend to stamp this final on Friday, pending any showstopper bugs that appear.

I'm still trying to get the ActiveX plugin working with Firefox. If anyone has a fair idea why it mightn't load (e.g. plugins now need some extra file or PATH issues), then let me know. Otherwise it might have to wait for me to return from my vacation.


A new version of the ActiveX plugin for Mozilla 1.7 is available for download. This does not work in Firefox 0.9! I'm still trying to figure out why Firefox doesn't like the plugin, but don't bother telling me it doesn't work because I know!

I should be releasing the Mozilla ActiveX Control 1.7 in the next week or so.


Here is a test release of the Mozilla 1.7 ActiveX Control Installer (PGP).

Aside from 1.7 bug fixes, new features include a page setup dialog, fixes to ExecWB and a better DOM support thanks to Alexandre Trémon. The installer is now NSIS 2.0 final.

Please submit bug reports as always.


Following in the wake of Mozilla 1.6, I am happy to release the new scriptable ActiveX plugin for it, available from the plugin page. Scripting has been fixed for this release.

There is also a new Mozilla 1.6 ActiveX Control Installer (PGP) . All being well, the new standalone installer will be the final 1.6 release. The installer also contains the scriptable plugin, so your ActiveX control can host ActiveX controls! If you don't want this functionality, just delete the npmozax.dll from the plugins\ dir.


Happy Christmas and New Year! Here is the Mozilla 1.6 ActiveX Control Test (link disabled) Installer to try out. This is just the test version. Specific fixes include 1.6 codebase, a functioning view-source: & data: protocol (although the view source popup menu is still grey), and a fix to reuse the same profile each time. The final release will appear some time after Mozilla 1.6 is released. Please note I will be out of touch until January 6 but please report any regression you encounter.


Using Delphi? You might like to check out Irongut's tutorial on programming the Mozilla ActiveX Control.


I have updated the standalone Mozilla 1.5 ActiveX Control (PGP) installer. The update adds the MSVC 7.0 runtime DLLs that were causing problems for some people. Missing runtimes could cause the control to report an error and not register correctly. The update also contains later version of the 1.5 branch. Alternatively, if you have the old download and don't wish to reinstall you can download the MSVC 7.0 runtimes separately, unzip them into the Mozilla Control directory and "regsvr32 mozctlx.dll" manually.

Older versions of the control may cause problems when loading https pages. If you see this issue, try deleting the "MozillaControl" directory from your Application Data folder and see if this resolves the issue.


I am pleased to announce the standalone Mozilla 1.5 ActiveX Control installer has been released. Fixes from the test version include support for MathML, a functioning about: protocol handler, an Uninstall option in Add / Remove programs, a fix to control initialization to fix stop/start behaviour in VB / .NET and a slight reduction in download size! As always please report any problems you find. Here is the PGP / GPG signature for the file if you wish to verify it.


First a quick plea. If for whatever reason you are using Outlook or Outlook Express then please check that I am not in your address book or collected addresses unless you really intend to email me. I am getting dozens of "MS security patch" viral attachments that are annoying even if they do bounce harmlessly off my configuration. If you suspect you are a 'carrier' of this virus, now might be a good time to invest in a virus checker and use an email client which doesn't treat security as somebody elses problem.

Now onto real news. I have written a simple c# application demonstrating how to use of the control in .NET. It can be found in mozilla/embedding/browser/activex/tests/csbrowse, or the initial version is zipped up here.

21/10/2003 The ActiveX plugin page now has links to download the Mozilla 1.5 / Firebird 0.7 binaries.
16/10/2003 For the curious, here is a preview control installer (link has been disabled) for you to try. This is a 5Mb standalone installer for the Mozilla ActiveX control which copies the necessary files and registers the control. The directory contains an uninst.exe for removing the control, but there is no entry in Add/Remove programs yet. It was built directly from Mozilla 1.5 binaries with the chrome repackaged and a subset of the DLLs using the mozilla/embedding/config GRE/embed packager. For the curious the build steps were:
  1. Rename mozilla/dist/bin somewhere safe.
  2. Unzip the Mozilla 1.5 into mozilla/dist/bin.
  3. Cd into mozilla/embedding/config and "make WINAPP=xxx" (note you need to comment out a line in Makefile.in that tries to copy windbgdlg.exe if MOZ_DEBUG is defined). The WINAPP=xxx stops mfcembed.exe being copied.
  4. Copy MS redistributables msvcrt.dll and msvcp60.dll into mozilla/dist/Embed
  5. Cd into mozilla/embedding/browser/activex/src/install and "perl build.pl"
  6. Drag control.nsi onto MakeNSISW.exe from the Nullsoft installer
There are obviously things I can do to installer nicer and improve the build process. These should happen with time and I may even stick tools like IEpatcher and CBrowse into future releases. But for now I'm releasing this to satisfy pent up demand for a hassle free 1.5 based control. I would appreciate success and failure reports!
16/10/2003 Please note the issues with installing the control are still true. Register the control in the Mozilla 1.5 .zip file, don't use the net installer version or the control in Firebird. The Firebird control doesn't work because Firebird statically links in most of the XPCOM components so they are not there for the control. I have bugs to cover this issue and the control should disappear from Firebird after they go through - bug 222472, bug 222473.
I am working on a standalone installer for the control which I hope to have ready soon.
28/07/2003 Please note that my new email address is adamlock AT eircom.net and that I am no longer an employee of Netscape / AOL. The good news is that I will still continue to work on the ActiveX control, so it is not necessarily a bad thing from that perspective. It still remains to be seen how much time I have to devote to working on ActiveX related things, but I won't know the answer to that until I see myself back in gainful employment.

Anyway, it is worth pointing out that AOL cutting the cord with Mozilla may actually open up new possibilities for the project once it recovers from the blow. It may well lead to greater community development, standards adherence and industry support than in the past when it had a single vendor yanking the strings. If you've ever considered contributing to the project in the past but have been scared off, now may be the time to reconsider ... 

01/07/2003 I have updated the Mozilla 1.4 ActiveX plugin installer and the supplemental zip file for the ActiveX control (see below)  for the 1.4 final release. 
30/06/2003 Netscape 7.1 has just been released. If you are using it, you do not need to install the ActiveX plugin because it is already there! NS 7.1 shipped with the ActiveX plugin and COM connect enabled to workaround the broken scripting support in Windows Media Player. This means you can script and host the WMP control in Netscape 7.1 much like you can in IE. See this page on DevEdge for more information and demos. Note that NS 7.1 uses a whitelist to support the WMP control only. If you want to try other controls you'll need to play with the activex.js file in NS 7.1 to change the hosting flags and whitelist mode. The Mozilla version of activex.js, contains documentation on the various settings. 
18/06/2003 I have created a zip file containing the GRE application support files that allows the Mozilla control to function from the GRE dir. To install it locate your GRE (e.g. C:\Program Files\Common Files\mozilla.org\GRE\1.4f_2003061210) and unzip the contents in-place. The control should now function properly.

I have also updated the Mozilla ActiveX plugin docs to reflect the fact that the technology demo for 1.4 appears to work with  Mozilla 1.4 RC2. 


A couple of updates to note.

First, if you're trying to use the ActiveX control contained in Mozilla 1.4 please use the .zip version. The net installer version (e.g. mozilla-win32-1.4-installer.exe) installs the GRE (Gecko Runtime Environment) in a separate directory. The control is installed with the GRE but the chrome goes in with mozilla.exe so the control can't find the chrome and other settings it needs to run. I have some ideas for workarounds, but my recommendation for now is to use the .zip version. I will see if it is feasible to provide a .zip file to supplement the GRE with the missing files required by the control. See bug 190181 for more info and analysis.

Secondly, I have added a technology demonstration of the ActiveX plugin built in COM connect mode for Mozilla 1.4 (and Firebird 0.6). This enables near transparent ActiveX support within Mozilla - you can embed controls in pages, script them, handle events, download and install them etc. in a similar way to IE. This is all Win32 specific obviously. Check out the download section in the plugin page for more details.

01/04/2003 The site is going through a redesign at the moment, based off the great redesign done to the Netscape DevEdge site. Please bear with me as I'm a CSS novice! I don't intend to support browsers with busted CSS so if that means you, then perhaps it's time to upgrade...
25/01/2003 The plug-in for hosting ActiveX controls is included in the new CodeWeavers CrossOver Plugin 1.2 so you can host ActiveX controls in Linux now. No scripting support though.
In other plug-in news, the new COM connect mode is coming along nicely, if you can build Mozilla please lend your support by trying it out!
11/12/2002 Starting with Mozilla 1.3alpha, the Mozilla control uses a separate location to store its profile information. This should see the end of the annoying "MozillaControl" in the profile dialog. This feature has also been checked into the 1.0.x branch so it should make it into Mozilla 1.0.2 but not Netscape 7.0.1.
The plug-in section has had a major overhaul to describe the new COM connect mode in more detail.
12/11/2002 I have produced a new Mozilla plug-in with scripting support. If you were experiencing problems using the old one especially with the getValue() method in Mozilla 1.0.x or Netscape 7.0, please try out the new plug-in. This plug-in has code to download and install controls from CAB files specified in a codebase attribute in the object tag, and code for implementing white lists and black lists of accepted controls. See the source for details. You are encouraged to build your own plug-in if you intend to use it for any serious purpose.
11/11/2002 I've expanded the section explaining how to use the Mozilla Control from C++. It now contains information on using the MFC CHtmlView class and some sample code.
28/08/2002 I have released a new version of the plug-in for ActiveX controls which now supports XPConnect and LiveConnect scripting. If you have Mozilla or NS 7.0 you can install it here or read the plug-in page to learn how to download and install it on older browsers. The plug-in documentation has been updated to describe the scripting support and build settings.
08/07/2002 Cleaned up some of the troubleshooting & FAQ questions.
10/02/2002 There will be a European Mozilla Developers meeting as part of FOSDEM 2002 in Brussels 16-17 Feb. 

I shall be there as one of the presenters talking about Mozilla. My presentation will be about embedding Mozilla. See you there!

20/12/2001 The Mozilla control is now part of the nightly embedding builds. People wishing to deploy the control should use the embedding dist as a template for the files you need to distribute. See here for the latest embedding build.

Some developers are experiencing crashes with the control. This appears to be a weird interaction between Mozilla's FullCircle feedback DLL and certain development environments. If this issue is affecting you, try moving fullsoft.dll out of your mozilla/components/ folder and see if that cures the problem. Alternatively use the embedding build which does not contain fullsoft.dll. Bug 98796 has more information on the issue.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

30/10/2001 The ActiveX control for hosting plug-ins page has been moved to Mozilla.org. The new link is this. Please update your bookmarks accordingly!
13/09/2001 I've created a new ActiveX control for people who want to host Netscape Plugin Architecture (LiveConnect) plugins within Internet Explorer but can't thanks to Microsoft and IE 5.5 SP 2. Please see the new ActiveX control for hosting plugins page for more info.

I have also split out the Mozilla ActiveX Control and Plugin for ActiveX Controls onto separate pages.

04/06/2001 Clarified a few things in the section about using the control within MFC and added a sample application.
12/04/2001 Mozctlx.dll is now part of Mozilla and is the only supported way to register the control. Do not register mozctl.dll anymore! The installation section has been heavily pruned to reflect how much simpler installation is nowadays.
05/02/2001 Mozilla 0.8 should be out soon and the control has been updated to keep up with the latest embedding API changes. Most of these changes are internal but you should notice the improved popup menus  (most items are now implemented), property dialogs and greater IE DOM support. Only the IE 4 DOM is supported at the moment and is read-only.

I've also written a small "bootstrap" DLL called mozctlx.dll that does away with most of the PATH configuration issues. Please read the updated "Installing it " section for more information.

26/10/2000 I've added a Delphi sample application that uses the ActiveX control to cvs.mozilla.org. Click here to see it in LXR. It's also available for download here
04/10/2000 Netscape 6.0 beta 3 is out and the Mozilla control is part of the release. Unfortunately, it is missing a vital DLL that prevents it from working correctly. Download this update that contains the missing DLL and a slightly modified version of the control. Unzip the contents of the file in NS6's bin directory and follow the usual installation instructions for getting the control working.
21/06/2000 Important note. The M16 build contains a broken embedding layer and the Mozilla control does not work. Please do not use it. Instead stick with an existing build that works or alternatively - I have built a post-M16 Mozilla {hyperlink has been removed} for you to try instead. See if you can spot some of the new features I'm working on in the control! I've also included the IE/Mozilla test harness CBrowse for you to play with.
16/05/2000 I wrote a simple DHTML based test page for people with IE who people who want to quickly see whether the control is working.
12/05/2000 If you are having problems with the control, please submit a bug report. Please read the instructions carefully as I will not be able to handle reports that have insufficient information for me to replicate the problem.

The file mozctl.dll is now built into the main Mozilla bin directory and not into the components subdirectory. This was to prevent library loading errors in xpinstall on machines that do not have msvcp60.dll installed.

04/05/2000 Good news! As of today, the Mozilla control should be back in the nightly builds! I've implemented a wholesale purge of this page to update it to reflect reality. If you see mistakes or need clarification, please email me! The most important thing to note is that the control is now named mozctl.dll and lives in the components subdirectory and that the 4.x ActiveX plugin is a separate entity that people have to build for themselves if they want it. 

You may also notice from my contact details that I now work for Netscape! I must make it clear that ActiveX control project is still not "official" by any means and must be regarded as my own personal pet project. That means it's business as usual and you shouldn't assume that Netscape has any plans for the control because it doesn't.

VB programmers should also take the time to check out Howard Ryan's Gecko Q&A Forum . This is a website devoted to using the Mozilla control in VB.

10/04/2000 Ever wanted your own personal Mozilla source code browser so you don't need to logon to the Internet and browse to http://lxr.mozilla.org? I have written a tutorial showing you how to set one up.
02/03/2000 I've added a section to the FAQ explaining why the control is not in M13 and M14. Please read it before sending me email to tell me what I already know!
15/02/2000 Updated the plugin section a bit.
13/01/2000 Happy New Year everyone! Some recent engine breakages were fixed today. Please re-read the Installing It section since they affect the registry entries you need to add. 
02/12/1999 I've received a lot of requests asking how to get the plugin support in the project working. I've built a version you can download and install. Go to the ActiveX Plug-in Implementation section to learn more. 
09/11/1999 Added a section for using the Mozilla control from Delphi. Thanks Nick!
01/11/1999 Added Delphi floating point troubleshooting note.
11/10/1999 The component registry problem ("cannot create preferences object") has been fixed as of today. Download the latest nightly build and the Mozilla control should work from any folder again if you follow the of couple of extra steps added to the installation section.
13/09/1999 CodeStock is near and I will be talking about the Mozilla control. You can find a draft of the presentation here!
6/09/1999 The control has a very simple editor mode. It emulates the IE5 way of doing things. Take a look at the latest CBrowse in CVS to see how to use it.
26/08/1999 Added a few more sections including a recommended book list, old news and a FAQ. The FAQ and booklist are still in development!
16/08/1999 Added some troubleshooting notes about the current absence of the control from nightly builds and other issues.
Added a link to Custom Browser.
30/07/1999 Well I'm back off my hols!
13/07/1999 I'm off on holiday until the 30th of July. I apologize in advance that I won't be able to answer queries until then!
1/07/11999 Added an updated version of cbrowse for those of you who would like to test the control out with a working executable.

Some people might be experiencing problems getting the control to work with M7 and later. The symptoms are that the control runs, but no content actually appears. The temporary solution to this problem is to run your host executable from the Mozilla bin directory.

Interested in XML? I have recently checked in an IE4-compatible wrapper for James Clark's expat XML parser. This allows you to port code written using the existing MS XML parser over to expat! It's still experimental and not built into Mozilla yet but is available for viewing online from the CVS source tree.

Thanks to Magic for the FrontPage logo! I'll sport this until I sort out the mess that FrontPage made of my HTML!

25/05/1999 Added links for downloading the new DevStudio 6 runtime DLLs.

Apologies to anyone expecting this page to be HTML 4.0 compliant. It was until I used FP Express to edit it. If anyone has a "HTML compliance ruined by FrontPage" logo, I'll gladly sport it on my site!

18/05/1999 Updated this page's style sheet while testing out the cool Mozilla control support in TopStyle.
10/05/1999 Fixed some page formatting problems. Reworded plug-in section.
13/04/1999 Updated some links
05/04/1999 Revamped page a bit. Updated configuration info regarding DevStudio 6
26/03/1999 Basic IE DOM implemented. Moved news section before introduction.
03/03/1999 Work starts on implementing the IE DOM
01/03/1999 Modifications to web site. Spelling, clarification etc.
24/02/1999 Added support for IE Browser Helper Objects. Read this article for more info.
14/02/1999 The Mozilla ActiveX control has recently been renamed from MozillaControl.dll to npmozctl.dll. The procedure for registering it is still the same as before, but you may have to use the new name and not the old one for recent builds.
14/02/1999 Plugin support. The Mozilla control may optionally be compiled as a plugin to support ActiveX controls inside HTML. If compiled in this way you can copy the npmozctl.dll to the Communicator 4.x plugins folder and host ActiveX controls. See the new plugin section below.

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