Progress so far....
now a rolling chassis - Engine in, most bodywork on, brakes 90% done.

Latest Build Diary Update --> April 2006


Hi and welcome to my website. Here you will find the documentation of my build of a Fireblade engined Locost car. I am one of only a handful of locost builders in the Republic of Ireland, and to the best of my knowledge only the second person here to attempt a motorbike engined version - if you know otherwise please let me know! Anyway I hope you find the site informative, and as for "Locoblade" - it's a general name given to Fireblade engined Locosts (Locost + Fireblade = Locoblade), it's not great but at least it sounds better than locost.

The first pic above is a good idea of what the car will look like when its finally finished (except it will be completely black), in the second you can see how mine is shaping up.

Find out more by clicking one of the buttons to the left, and please feel free to e-mail me with opinions, advice and questions about anything. I will try my best to update the site as often as possible so don't forget to catch up every so often, or if you prefer you can send me your e-mail address, and I'd be happy to let you know when the website gets updated.

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