Community Links

Community Links is an networking organisation which operates in the area of community development. It hopes to develop into a group to which community development organisations can turn to look for information and help in all areas of community development in the County of Longford.

When Community Links was first set up, there was great enthusiasm from the community development sector in the county. Community Links received great assistance from all groups in the county in setting up their website (their first project). This assistance is still needed to keep the website up to date. Herbie and Pat still like to hear about your future plans and events, with a view to publication on the website. This website can be one of the most effective publicity means for small communities or special interest groups in the county. Community Links sees its task in several different areas:

To promote economic, social and environmental development of County Longford. To promote County Longford at local, regional, national and international level. To develop links between all groups within the community. To source and provide information on all aspects of community development To provide access to education and training, where required by individuals and groups, within the terms of development of the community locally, regionally, nationally and internationally

ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE Setting up of website: Setting up of databases

FUTURE AIMS Setting up of office to provide access to Internet, research and databases for community groups to set up and maintain a networking forum in the county

We hope to be able to make people aware about the many good things available in the County.

Our main interest lies in the areas of Tourism, Environment, Employment,


Our aim is to promote Co. Longford regionally, nationally and internationally.

Community Links has representatives from more than 21 centres in the county.