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Ballinamuck is an area rich in natural beauty.

Geographically it lies in North County Longford between Drumlish and Dromard. Just off the road from Longford to Arva (Co. Cavan). It lies among large areas of peatland, rolling hills and numerous lakes. It is an ideal place for a quiet and relaxing holiday, where fishing, walking, cycling and observing nature are the main attractions. As with many centres in County Longford drawing, painting and photography would also be ideal pasttimes. Like many other rural areas in Ireland there is no industry of note around Ballinamuck. Therefore there is a pronounced migration from this rural area to the cities where work is easier to find. This depopulation of the land creates many problems regarding education, health services and vibrancy in the area. as the quality of the land is poor, farming is not a viable proposition, with many farmers living below subsistance level and having to depend on social welfare payments to supplement their income to a reasonable level.

*** Ballinamuck in History ***

In 1798 Ballinamuck was the scene of one of the last and bloodiest battles fought on Irish soil by a foreign power. Ballinamuck was the place of surrender of the combined French and Irish troops under General Humber to the English troops underGeneral Cornwallis.

The 1798 battle was a defining watershed for politics on this island as it was the last time catholics and Protestants fought together for a common agenda. the aftermass of the failed rebellion and the Act of Union (1801) were to sectarianise politics for the next 200 years.

Last year during the instalation of a waterscheme, a sousterrain (underground chambers) was discovered in the village. It is thought that these chambers date back a long time to an era, when the catholic faith was frowned upon and the local monks had these chambers built to hide, and keep their valuables safe. The local Community Development groups hope that these chambers can be preserved and developed as an attraction for visitors to the village.

*** Ballynamuck in the Future ***

In 1998 Ballynamuck made an impact with its remarkable celebrations in connection with the 200th anniversary of the Battle. During this very successful period Ballynamuck twinned with the French town of Sain-Nabord. Many useful contacts have been made through their advertising on the Internet and the hard work of the organising committee.

To cater for the expected visitors over the years, Ballinamuck has embarked on a progamme of development. The new Information Centre is the first of these developments. It is based in an extension to the '98 Hall and gives a graphical display of the history of the Battle. Also many monuments have been erected in memory of the notable events of 1798.
A new coffee shop/resource centre, B&B's, Campsite, Bogwalk are being planned. Local hostelries are serving food and snacks.
The future for Ballinamuck and surrounding area looks bright.