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Dromard is rural parish in North county Longford on the Cavan and Leitrim border. It is bordered by Drumlish and Colmcillein Co. Longford, Carrigallen and Aughavas in Co. Leitrim and Killeshandra and Gowna in Co Cavan.The present boundaries of Dromard are only in existence since the middle of the 18th century.Before then it was part of Killoe parish. Like Killoe the parish includes two new villages Leggagh and Moyne. Dromard takes its name from Dromard Hill on which a church was built.
Dromard is shaped like a horseshoe with the Townlands of Enaghan,Glenmore, Fotragh, Camagh and Annagh surrounding the Parish of Colmcille. edenmore and Fostra are less than a mile away from Colmcille church and the village of Aughnacliffe. Enaghan and Lisaharty are within one mile of Gowna village.

  1. The population of Dromard has dropped from 1308 in 1986 to 1172 in 1996 A drop of 11% (census 1996).
  2. What is more worrying is the drop in baptisms in the parish.
  3. 25 in 1967 to 6 in 1997 (parish records).
  4. The school population has dropped from 173 in 1991 to 100 in 1997, a drop of 42% (school records).

These figures would indicate that there is severe depopulation going on. And with the second and third set of figures having dropped so dramatically, it would appear that it is the young people who are leaving.

The people who are still living in the parish are nearly all involved in traditional farming. Most families have had to find a supplementary source of income. some people travel as much as 30 miles to work, so that they have a reasonable standard of living. There are a few families who have set up their own business, building contractors, agriculterer contractors and farmhouse accommodation. But these are very much in the minority.

  1. The Latin School:Originated as a 'hedge school' Became a permanent building in 1897. Remained open until 1973 when it was closed and replaced by a state of the art community school. During its 100 years in education many famous scholars went through its doors. Out of this small school over 700 pupils went on to become priests, some bishops. A record that Dromard can be proud of.
  2. Tubberpatrick Graveyard:Said to be visited by St. Patrick in 435, where he blessed a well. The oldest headstone carries the inscription JACOBUS FARRELL 1671.
    Around the parameter wall are stations of the cross, which were donated by Fr. Lawrence Cosgrove, St Paul's, Minnesota, USA. a native of Dromard. He also donated a bellwhich was donated in 1910, but only installed in 1993.
  3. Meeting of places:At Drumury, The counties of Longford, Leitrim and Cavan ,the provinces of Leinster, Connaught and Ulster, the parishes of Dromard, Carrigallen and Killeshandra as well as the diosces of ardagh, Clonmacnoise and Kilmore meet.
  4. Natural Amenities:Like so many places in County Longford Dromard is blesed with an abundance of lakes and rivers. All well stocked with fish. If properly planned the natural beauty of the Dromard countryside together with the unpoluted waters should be Dromard's best hope of a rosy future in tourism.

    The local development organisation is planning a major music, dance and culture festival. The combination of culture and tourism makes for a very interesting combination and the people involved say they can promise us a very interesting programme.