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legan village

Legan is a parish in the south-eastern corner of Longford, close to the Westmeath border. Just off the Edgeworthtown to Ballymahon road. The village is set in the Inny valley situated amongst some of the best lands in the county, it is a rural community.


  1. The area has along history going back to when the O'Farrrells owned most of County Longford. They had a castle at Ardardra.
  2. Another influential family in the area was the Fox family.
    They established a large estate called Foxhall.
    By all accounts, they acquired their wealth in a dubious way.
    There are many notable members in this family.
    Not least the one remembered in folk memory and locally known as "the Stoneman of Foxhall".
    His tomb is surmounted by an armour-clad stone figure.

    This is at the ruined church in Foxhall graveyard.
    It is a pity the figure was damaged some years ago.

  3. There are Monastic settlements at Kilglass and Agharra.
  4. Legan Rock - a specialplace of prayer and pilgimage.
    It dates back to the Penal times and was recently re-developed

*** General ***

The population of Legan is reducing all the time. This is due to the younger people of the parish migrating to the places where there is work. This movement is starting when the children start secondary education. They have to travel to centres many miles away. The trend now is for far more students to go into third level education after the Leaving Certificate. This leaves young people highly qualified and to reap the benefit of their education and qualifications, they have to settle in the bigger cities and leave the home area.
The effect of this trend is that the average age of the population is rising. This in turn means that the community development group is very much orientated towards the needs of the older folks. The organising of a community alert organisation, the supplying of personal alrm systems, Meals on wheels service, these are only some of the measures, that have been looked at.

Of course the needs of the young people have not been forgotten. There are two halls - community centres - in Legan. There are plans to develop one into a multi-purpose community centre. It will include facilities for several indoor sports, a creche, perhaps a launderette, a comfortable meeting room, which can be used as a meeting place, or day center for the older generation.

In sporting terms Legan is well catered for. The GAA has a park at the entrance to the village, there are facilities for

There also is a handball alley, for which there are renovation and development plans.

Theculteral sideof Legan is in the capable hands of The Shawbrook Ballet school, Whose students have made great impressions in all parts of the world. There is also a successful school for painting located in the village.


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