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Mullinalaghta is a small village in one of the most scenic areas of Co. Longford and overlooks the lakes of Lough Gowna. There is much to offer to the visitors, as the lakes in the area are some of the best for fishing in the County. A trip by bat from any of the shores will take you to Inch Island where the famous St. Columba had his first monastry. A trip back by Derrycasson Woods is a must. This mature woodland provides many beautiful walks on which you can appreciate the fine flora and fauna of the area.

Places of Historic Interest.

The Church: The local church which was built in 1939. Its beautiful edifice remains in its commanding position in the centre of the village. it is of grat historical importance because the stones used in the building of the church came from an old mansion, The Dopping estate, in Derrycasson, erected in the penal days by the Dopping Family.

St. Patricks Well: St Patrick is reputed to have preached the faith at this spot. There is a spring well which seems to rise out of the rock. The Ballaun (hallowed stone) is still visible. It was Probably used in pre-christian times in pagan worship. St Patrick would have adopted this ballaun for christian worship, maybe as a font fo0r holy water.

Mass Rock: This place has recently been reclaimed and an iron cross was erected on it.

Gun Cave: Close to St Patrick's Well lies a gun cave. It was used to store ammunition during the War of Indipendence.

Derrycasson Wood: A feasability study is being carried out on Serrycasson wood. when the study is complete it is hoped to carry out a major development project in this area, which will be one of the biggest tourist attractions in Co. Longford.

Lakes: The surrounding lakes boasts some of the best fishing in the Midlands. Good shoals of Bream, Roach, Perch, Tench, Pike and eels are to be found in windy conditions

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