Going Postal 4 -The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom
PAge INdex
DJ Mek is the undisputed don of Irish hip-hop. He is three time victor in DMC Championships here and in the North. His skills are recognised internationally. Holding the contest without Mek is like staging the World Cup without Brazil. A week before the competition he received a fax from Tony Prince of the UK DMC informing him that he would be refused entry. On appeal this decision was reversed but Donal Scannell took it upon himself to enforce it regardless. Sources claim that on being informed that Mek had a fax formally allowing him entry, Scannell replied 'Are you trying to blackmail me?' Maybe the strain of organising the competition had his paranoia meter running into the red. He'd already proved himself incapable of informing djs outside of Dublin that they were invited to compete. Galway's Hazo, another ranking talent, received only two weeks' notice of the event leaving no time for preparation. He declined to compete.

The equipment set-up for the contest would have disgraced a squat party. Two mismatched decks (one SL1200, one SL1210) were set up on a rickety table on the dancefloor, almost invisible to the punters and judges alike. The arm on the left-hand deck skipped like a schoolgirl on speed. The band on the Titanic had a better chance to show off their skills than anybody in this two-bit saloon. Half way into the second set of the evening the sound broke down. This possibility had evidently not occurred to the organisers. To cries of 'Is there an engineer in the house?' from the organisers, one Eoin Young stood up from the judges table to jerry-rig a solution. Meanwhile his partner in One Cut Studios Chris D. was cooling his heels on the pavement alongside Mek, cut from the rapidly shrinking guest list.

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