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The traditional Christmas dinner normally consists of stuffed turkey, ham, brussel sprouts, other vegetables as well as potatoes.

turkey before it is cooked!



After dinner, Christmas cake or Christmas pudding is served as dessert.
cakes on display!


The Home Economics class in the school bake Christmas cakes as part of their cookery module for examination purposes. Some pictures of this are shown.



Christmas cakes are fruit cakes which are baked a number of weeks or months before Christmas and then iced and decorated.

Christmas pudding is made from lots of dried fruit and brandy which is put into a palstic bowl and steeped in hot water for a number of hours and then left to 'set'.

The Christmas pudding has therefore got to be made a few months in advance of Christmas. It is taken out of the bowl and often set alight (flambé) and served with brandy butter or cream.

the class hard at work!


.....still working !


First year students were also asked for their impressions of Christmas dinner and food. Their drawings are shown below.

Christmas turkey- cooked!

Christmas pudding
Christmas pudding, turkey and a selection box


looking forward to eating all that chocolate!


What children (and lots of adults....) love at Christmas is chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! There are lots of different boxes of chocolates, the most popular for children being 'selection boxes' - which have a number of different bars of chocolate.



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