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The mint

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The mint

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John's Castle

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Taaffe's Castle

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Taaffe's Castle

A Norman Medieval Town, Hugh De Lacy built the castle, which was visited by King John in 1210.

Carlingford has many famous medieval sites.

A number of these are mentioned below:

  • John's Castle

This castle was built by the King of England to protect the people of Carlingford.  Although it looks in good condition, there is no roof.  Where once there were rooms, there is now only grass.   The exterior has been renovated, and now work is beginning on the outside.

  • The Carlingford Priory (also known as the Dominican Friary)




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The Priory

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The Priory

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John's Castle

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John's Castle

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The Tholstel

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Tholstel Cell


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John's Castle



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