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St. Bridgit's

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Gap of the North

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View from Faughart Hill


 In 1315 we see the arrival of Edward Bruce who led the Irish Chieftains against the Anglo Norman's.  He had himself crowned High King of Ireland at Dundalk in 1316.


In 1318 he was defeated and killed at the Battle of Faughart.  One of the great castles Built in this area was Roche Castle.  This was completed by Roshida De Verdon  (grand – daughter of Bertram) as a fortification on the northern end of the Pale.


Although times were hard and we still had poverty and disease, some people were having better times.   Rich noble people made up 5% - 10-% of the population, another 5% were wealthy professional, lawyers and merchants.  The rest of the population were very poor and many were beggars.


The Lords built castles and large houses whilst the poor lived in hovels and slums.

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Bruce's Grave

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Bruce's Grave



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