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St. Mary's College

Dundalk, Co. Louth, IRELAND

Medieval Dundalk & Louth - from the year 1000 on.......

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We are part of a cross-european project.  Visit the main 'Windmills' site by clicking on the picture above.

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The Town

St. Nicholas' Church (The Green Church)


John's Castle

The Mint

Taaffe's Castle

Carlingford Priory



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This project has been worked on by the Transition Year students of St. Mary's College, Dundalk, Co. Louth, IRELAND. Feel free to email them at marist@iol.ie . Many thanks also to Mr. Hugh Smyth, of County Louth Historical Tours and the County Museum. Please visit his website at http://gofree.indigo.ie/~colouth.

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Thanks also to Py Bertha who kindly allowed us to use music from his website - please visit it.

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Some graphics also came from the Celtic Art Webpage.

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