Tony's Photopages

Welcome to my little site of photographs.

These are ideal for use as desktop pictures (for Macs) or 'wallpaper' as the misguided PC brigade call it.

They can also be used as screensavers if you have a suitable program. There is a brilliant freeware Mac program called QuickShow which can be used to cycle through a pre-selected range of PICT files, JPEG files or Quicktime movies. Something similar is available for Windows users at

Allow for line-wrapping there, if necessary. They shouldbe all one line. The first one works on windows 95/98/NT and the second one is only listed as working on Windows 95. The second one looks better as the first has a 'nag' element to prompt you to pay for it.


The majority of the photographs I have used are from a set of CDs from a company called The Image Bank. Their copyright policy is as follows:-

Copyright Warning For The Images On This Disc:
The copyrights in and to all photographs, illustrations and film footage (the "Images") contained on this disc are owned by The Image Bank photographers, illustrators and cinematographers. The compilation of the Images on the disc is Copyright © 1996, The Image Bank, Inc. All rights are reserved.

Only Limited Use Permitted:
You may only use the Images for purposes of private viewing, search or "digital comping" (comprehensive layout). Any other use of the Images is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of The Image Bank.

Special Warning Concerning Derivative Works:
Under applicable law, you may not create derivative works based on the Images without the permission of the copyright owner. It is, therefore, an act of copyright infringement to adapt, alter or use excerpts from the Images, whether in whole or in part, in the creation of other works. You are specifically prohibited from using the Images in such manner without the prior written consent of The Image Bank.

I feel that I need to state that anyone using this site should be aware of these notes. What you do next is up to you and your conscience.

In this first manifestation of the site the pictures are all of Ireland. I have several CDs with literally thousands of images available. If you are looking for a specific category of photograph just ask and I'll see if I can assemble a page with a suitable selection.

Write to me and ask!


Muzzie's just given me a shilling, let's go to the pictures....

Egypt series

Frog series

Herbal series

Irish series

London series

Moon series

Sand series

Water series

Waves series