Primary School Math Resources

Hi! These resources are free to all teachers or
parents for non-profit educational use.

Numbers 1 - 6 are .xls files which require Excel or similar Office-style software to open.
Numbers 7 and 8 are .jpg files which should open on most computers without difficulty.
Number 9 is a zipped(compressed) file which should give no problems in reasonably new machines but may require "unzipping" software such as WinZip for, say, Windows 98 machines.
Clicking on a link below will open the file in your web browser and you can then save it wherever you want.
Alternatively, Right-click on the link and select "save as"
If you have a problem please mail me.

(1) Tables: Outlines an alternative, staged, approach to learning multiplication tables for children who struggle with the rote approach.

(2) Tables Tests: Computerised worksheets for practicing the facts learned through the approach above.

(3) Subtraction Facts Tests: Similar to the file above but practising Subtraction facts.

(4) Addition Facts Tests: Likewise for practising Addition facts.

(5) Regrouping: Prints out worksheets and solution sheets for subtracting 2-digit numbers from 3-digit.

(6) Snakes and Ladders: Templates for children to use to design their own version of the classic game.

(7) Coin Fans: Prints out Template for Fan of Euro Coins. Print, laminate and cut out for children to show their answers to money questions.
(Adapted from resource found at Ifield School Site)

(8) Money Word Fans: Similar to above but with names of coins instead of picture.

(9) All:A zipped(compressed) file containing all the above.


I'm trying out some literacy ideas with story starters here.

All resources (c) Michael McMullin

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