What is EAMDA?

EAMDA is the European Alliance of Muscular Dystrophy Associations and was formed in 1971. EAMDA is made up of a small number of delegates from each member association, and the number of member associations is growing, including some former East European countries. EAMDA is primarily an information network, providing contacts in different fields in various countries.

What is EYO?

EYO is the EAMDA Youth Organisation. Conceived in 1989, the EYO regulations were approved and the committee members were elected at the first congress in 1992 in the Netherlands.

The EYO is made up of delegates, normally from the National Youth Group (NYG) of their own country. They represent the young people in their asssociation, and it is their responsibility to form the link between their association and the EYO.

The EYO is managed by a committee of five people. Each is elected for a term of two years. Election takes place at the Annual Meeting of Delegates (AMD) which is held in conjunction with the Annual EAMDA conference. The EYO committee internally elects of a chairman, a treasurer and a secretary, and meets three times a year to discuss and develop ideas and projects.

These are some of the ideas in the EYO Activity Plan for 1996.

At the moment, the EYO committee is: the chairman, D.Cochius (Netherlands), the secretary & treasurer I.Wallis (United Kingdom), L.Maccione (Italy), S.Kessler (Switzerland), J.Kuorikoski (Finland)

Objects of the EYO

The first and foremost aim of the EYO is to provide assistance and support for young people with neuromuscular disorders. EYO is there to provide contacts and links between young people and to develop the establishment and work of the NYGs through the delegates, to provide help with aspects of these disorders such as quality of life, self image, medical intervention, and to include as many young people as possible in this.

Ongoing projects include:


With an organisation such as EYO, the members can

  • discuss and share their experiences, problems and solutions
  • reduce their isolation
  • advise and help each other
  • spread, collect and organise information
  • organise activities

  • For further information contact: EAMDA Secretariat (EYO)
    7-11 Prescott Place
    SW4 6BS
    United Kingdom
    tel: (+44) 171 720 8055
    fax: (+44) 171 498 0670

    E-mail Sebastian Kessler at gprior@di.epfl.ch or Ian Wallis at 101655.345@compuserve.com

    EAMDA is a registered charity, registration number 285412.

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