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This section contains details of the recorded history of the parish. This information has been taken from a number of sources which are listed at the end of this page.

Early Times

The parish formed part of ancient territory of Hymany and was the stronghold of the O'Kellys. The north western portion of Hymany was known as Maonaig (the plain of Maon) and included the parishes of Kilconieran, Kiltullagh and Killimor. In the 14th and 15th centuries the parish of Kiltullagh/Killimordaly was referred to as Kiltullagh Moanmaigh.

According to Lewis's Topographical Dictionary 1837 the civil parish of Kiltullagh contained 3,069 inhabitants and comprised 4,870 statute acres. It goes on to state that "a cell of the third order of Franciscans was founded here prior to the years 1441. Kiltullagh House is the seat of J. D'Arcy Esq. In the R.C. (Roman Catholic) division it is the head of a union or district, comprising the parishes of Kiltullagh and Killimordaly, in each of which is a chapel. There is a Dominican convent at esker, it is pleasantly situated, and the chapel has a handsome Spire". Samuel Lewis also states that the "the civil parish of Killimordaly contains 1,945 inhabitants and 6,181 statue acres. the principal seats are Killmor Castle , formally the seat of the Daly family, but now the residence of Hyacinth Burke, Esq., Cloncah, of P.Daly, ESQ., and Ann Ville of Rev. J. Seymore".

1821 Census of Kiltullagh

On 28th May 1821 Government appointed enumerators started to call on every household in Ireland in order to carry out a census of population. These returns were assembled by county, barony, parish and townland. They were to list the names, ages, occupations and relationship to the householder of all the occupants, plus the acerage held by the householder, and how many storeys high the dwelling house was. Unfortunately, most of these records were destroyed in the Four Courts fire in 1922; however, some fragments of this census survive. Among the fragments, which have survived, are most the returns for the parish of Kiltullagh. From a genealogical and local history point of view, these records are a goldmine, providing a valuable insight into the lives of the people of the parish in this time period. The following are examples of information, which can be gleaned from these records:

  • 1. Townland : Greyville Parish : Kiltullagh

    James Reilly was head of the household, age 68 years and was a linen weaver. James Reilly, his son, was 27 years and was labourer who was occasionally employed. John Reilly, his son, was 20 years and was labourer who was occasionally employed. Peggy Reilly, his daughter, was 23 years and was a flax spinner. Mary Reilly, his daughter, was16 years old and was a yarn spinner. He had one acre of land and the house was one storey.


  • 2. Townland : Brackloonbeg Parish : Kiltullagh

    Bridget Keating was head of the household, age 54 years and was a widow. Patrick Keating ,her son, was age 28 years and was a labourer. James Connor, her grandson, was 11years and had no occupation. Denis Mullarkey, her brother, was 70 years of age and was a hackler of flax. She had one acre and the house was one storey.


  • 3. Townland : Killariff Parish : Kiltullagh

    John Dun was head of the household, age 89 years and was a crock maker. Anne Dun, his wife, was 83 years and had no occupation. Peter Dun, his son, was 30 years and was a crock maker. John Gibney, his son-in-law, was 27 years and was a crock maker. Honora Gibney, his daughter, was 27 years and had no occupation. Eleanor Gibney, his grand-daughter, was 5 years and had no occupation. Anne Gibney, his grand-daughter was under one year old. His house was one storey.


The current population of the parish of Kiltullagh/Killimordaly is approximately 1200 people. The same ecclesiastical divisions are still in existence today, however the Monastery at esker is now occupied by the Redemptorist community and there is a further church located at Cloonca.


The Memorial Inscriptions & Related history of Kiltullagh, Killimordaly & Esker Graveyards. Con Mulvey Oct 98




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