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Kiltullagh Church

Kiltullagh Church is located in the heart of Kiltullagh Village. The Church was completed in 1855. In the chancel of the church lies the remains of Fr. Cahalan. This indeed is a very appropriate and fitting resting place for this eminent priest, as the church in Kiltullagh was built under his guidance and direction. According to O'Donavans Ordnance Survey Letters Fr. Cahalan was resident in the Parochial house in 1844 but the church was incomplete at that time.

In 1855 he signed a lease agreement with Denis St. George Baron Dunsandle, the local landlord, the church was to be leased at the cost of one penny per year, payable in two moieties and the parochial house costing one schilling per year.

The Daly family were very generous benefactors of the church and donated all the seats and two beautiful stained glass windows in memory of deceased relatives. The seats were donated by William Daly, Esq. of Dunsandle, eldest surviving son of Denis St. George Daly, (2nd. Baron Dunsandle and Clanconal) and Mary Broderick, (Lady Mary).


Stations of Cross Kiltullagh Church

A very noteworthy aspect of the Church is the Stations of the Cross paintings by the world famous artist Eva Hoan which hang on the Church walls. This series of paintings which depict Jesus Christ carrying the cross are quite famous and are highly regarded.


Another item related to the church is the Kiltullagh Chalice. The following information has been gathered from the "Clonfert Museum and its collections".

The Peter Flannery Chalice; 1715

Inscribed (on the foot):

"Ex Dono R D Petri Flaner? ad ppetuum usu Ecclesiae de Kiltollagh ob: 23 Sept:1715"

Deep straight sided bowl with everted lip; a replacement, bearing Dublin hallmark of 1906. Hexagonel stem with fluted collars at four junctions. Narrow flange at junction with foot. Globular knop engraved with conventional floral and chevron ornaments. The foot an octagonal pyramidoid with concave base lines. Narrow, moulded, vertical member, octafoil in outline. A Crucifixion engraved on one facet of foot, around the perimeter of which is a narrow band of scale ornament merging at each angle into a fleur-de-lis. Screw joints at junctions of upper stem and knop, and lower stem and foot. Weight marks underneath foot 13:05:0.

Height of chalice: 81/4 ins.

Diameter of bowel: 31/2 ins.

Width of base: 5 ins.

A Galway made chalice.

Accompanying patten (Diameter 41/2 ins.) engraved with monogram HIS surmounted by cross patée fichée surrounded by flames. Marker's mark, MC. Perhaps Ml.Coldwell of Cork, or Matt.Copeland, c.1725-6.

Noticed in Buckley's Some Irish alter plate, 135, but location not given. Dr.Flannery was a Doctor of the Sorbonne and Vicar General of Clonfert.

From Killimordaly parish church. Presented by Very Rev.T.Dunne,P.P. .

Kiltullagh Chalice



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