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Kiltullagh Hall is located directly across the Road from Kiltullagh Church. This building which acts as the local community hall has been greatly extended and enhanced over the last few decades. The original building will be 100 years old this year and a number of events are planned to celebrate this.

Kiltullagh hall began life as a National School in the year 1899. Mr Kieran Jordan has written and published an excellent booklet called Kiltullagh National School - A history of its foundation and development which details the history of education in Kiltullagh from 1821 to 1997. This page will not attempt to detail the contents of this booklet but will just detail some history on Kiltullagh hall taken from Kieran's work.

In 1898 it was brought to the attention of the National School Commmission that a request for a new school in Kiltullagh had been before them for a long time. The school before this was a small one roomed house with a thatched roof which had served as a school on and off since 1856. In 1899 sanction was given for the building of a new school. The building was completed and the old thatched school was struck off the records. The maximum number that the new school could accommodate was 80 pupils. Marcella Duffy was the first principal.

The building was used as a national school until 26/2/1959 when the new two roomed national school was opened. Since then the building has been used for a number of purposes be they meetings of local community groups or concerts. The hall was refurnished is 1998 and is set to continue being used by the community.



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