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Raford House was built for William Daly, a Catholic landlord in 1791. Situated in the Kiltullagh/Killimordaly parish, this four story Georgian style stone house stands amidst the Dunkellin river on approx 85 acres of land. This once huge esate was divided by the Land Commission in recent years with the house presently standing on the remaining land.

Raford House has passed through the hands of many successful owners during the course of history, and at one stage even being run for a period of five years by the Mercy Nuns of the Clonfert diocese. The owner during the 1930's was a Major Goff. The Goff's were for many years keen followers of the Galway Blazers foxhounds. At the end of World War Two the estate was divided by the land commission and sold to a Col. Atherton again a great hunting man.

The house was again sold in the 1950's this time to a Dr. Madden who bequeathed it to the Convent of Mercy who ran the house as a secondary school. They sold it to Mr and Mrs Tom Ruane, who in turn sold it to Mr Charles Bishop about 1970. The house was refurbished and modernised completely by the Bishops who lived there until 1980. It was sold to a Mr and Mrs Leatham who attempted to run it as a hotel. They were not successful and after a year the house was sold to Lord and Lady Hemphill, decendents of the Martyn family who had owned Tulira Castle back as far as the 16th century.



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