- "Hurling" - 

Irelands National Sport!
The Fastest Field Game in the World

Learn the Skills! Here-
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Skill Video Skill Video

Parts of a Hurl 

Handle & Boss
Doubling in the Air Doubling in the Air

Correct Grip 

Toe & Heel Batting a High Ball  Overhead Clash

Ground Strike

Ground Strike A Free Free 
Blocking a ground ball Penalty 1
Penalty 2
A Cut Cut
The Dribble The Dribble The Hook Hook
Striking on the Run Striking on the Run Balancing the Ball  High Stop
Doubling on a Ground Ball  Blocking Positions  Solo Run Solo Run
Roll Lift Jablift The Clash & Jostle Clash1

 Jab Lift

Jablift Drill
The Low Catch Clash 2
Jostle 2
Rising a moving Ball Rising a Moving Ball  Chest Catch Catching Drill
Low Block Low Block High Catch  High Catch
High Block  High Block Hand Pass Hand Pass
Hand Pass Drill
The Frontal Block

Frontal Block 1
Frontal Block 2

The Low Snig  Ground Tackle
Striking from the Hand Striking Drill High Snig High Snig
The Ground Tackle Ready & Striking Positions Drop Puck Drop Puck
The High Tackle      

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