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School Principal: Mr. Brian Cannon

A short history of the school

Pobalscoil Iosa (Malahide Community School) continues a tradition in secondary education which dates back to the early 1950s when Mrs. Catherine Dowling set up the Stella Maris School in Malahide Village. In 1958 the Sisters of the Holy Infant Jesus founded Scoil Iosa, a secondary school for girls on what are now the grounds of the Community School and Mrs Dowling amalgamated her school with the convent and joined the staff of the newly-established school.

In 1976 Scoil Iosa joined the Community School system. A new, fully equipped building, now known as the Junior Block was added, followed shortly afterwards by a Sportshall. The complex of buildings now comprise the original school (known as the Senior Block), Scoil Iosa Hall (comprising Music/Drama hall and classrooms), the Junior Block, the Sportshall and three blocks of prefabricated classrooms.

The school has grown from an enrolment of 512 students in 1976 to over 1200 students in 2004.  Plans are well advanced for new, permanent facilities to accommodate our growing population.  We expect to have builders on site in the Autumn and hope to have a new building ready for students in two years time.   Watch the News page of this web-site for updates.

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Contact us:

Principal:                                  Brian Cannon.  M.Sc., H.Dip.Ed.

Deputy Principal:                      John Molloy.  M.Sc., H.Dip.Ed

Deputy Principal:                      Patricia McDonagh    M.A., H.Dip.Ed.

School Secretaries:                   Jean Jones, Rita Daly and Michele Butler.

Office Hours:                            9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. weekdays

Telephone:                                ++ 353 1 8463244

Fax:                                          ++ 353 1 8462780

E-mail (school term):       

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School Hours and Access

School Day : Students are expected to be in school by 8.50 a.m. as classes begin at 9 a.m.  Classes finish at 3.50 p.m. each day, except Wednesday when most classes finish at 12.20 p.m.  Second year and third year have an extra class on Wednesdays, so they finish at 12.50 p.m.

Classes are approximately 40 minutes, with double classes for some subjects - especially Science, Home Economics, Metalwork, Woodwork, Mechanical Drawing, Art and Physical Education.

There is a 15 minute morning break at 11.00 a.m. approx. and lunch-time is between 12.30 a.m. and 1.10 p.m.  Most students remain in school during the lunch-time and may avail of canteen facilities.

Students can purchase light refreshments or may bring their own lunches.

Private school buses operate from Seabury, Malahide and from Portmarnock as the demand from students requires.

The school buildings are accessible to wheelchairs, and physically disabled students are integrated with other class groups.

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School Admissions Policy

Pobal Scoil Iosa (Malahide Community School) is a recognised co-educational, non-selective school, which welcomes pupils of all religious denominations and students with special needs.  The school is funded by the Department of Education and Science (D.E.S.) and is provided with staff in accordance with the teacher allocation system of the D.E.S.

The school seeks to provide a climate in which students find encouragement to develop spiritual and moral values, personal and social skills and the highest standards of excellence of which they are capable both academically and in all other aspects of their school activities.  We recognise the complementary roles of parents and teachers in educating the young and in partnership we pursue the common aim of educating our students according to Christian principles.

Students should find in our school an environment that promotes all types of abilities and talents.  They should also find and develop the opportunities to make a positive contribution to their own education through their involvement and support for responsible and democratic processes and systems such as the prefect system and the Student Council.

The diversity of our school curriculum should enable students to develop the skills necessary for satisfying personal social and working life, enabling them to become responsible and adaptable adults.

The Deed of Trust for Community Schools places particular emphasis on the provision for children “in the locality” – “The School shall be established with the object of providing a comprehensive system of post-primary education open to all the children of the community” – Articles of Management par. 2.  With that in mind pupils from the Malahide area, as specified in our criteria for entry, are catered for as a priority, with applications from neighbouring areas being considered on the basis of the places we have available.  Pupils living outside Malahide who already have family members in Pobal Scoil Iosa will have a priority rating in the allocation of places to schools outside Malahide as described in the criteria.

We do not keep a waiting list for applications to the school.  Application forms for school entrance are available from the local national schools in September of the year prior to enrolment.  This includes a closing date for receipt of completed application forms.

Parents who make an application must provide the school with as much information as the school requires – as set out in our application form.  As soon as is practicable, but not later than 21 days after the parent has provided the information the Board of Management makes a decision in respect of the application concerned and informs parents in writing.

Section 29 (1) of the Education Act provides for the right of appeal by the parents of any student whose enrolment is refused (within a specified time).

An assessment of pupil entrants takes place in the Spring of the year preceding entry.  The purpose of this assessment is to determine over-all ability and achievement and the information is also used to form pupils into mixed-ability classes for the First Year.  In recent years students have been “set” or streamed for English, Irish and Maths in their Second Year.  This allows students to be assigned to appropriate levels in English, Irish and Maths in any combination.  For example, a student may do all Higher level subjects, or do some at Higher level and others at Ordinary or Foundation level.

Pobal Scoil Iosa is committed within its limited resources to do all that is reasonable to accommodate the needs of students with disabilities or special needs.

We are also committed to the principle of promoting equality and prohibit any forms of discrimination and harassment.

However, there are exemptions from the general principles of discrimination under the Equal Status Act to the extent that compliance with any of its provisions in relation to a student with a disability would, by virtue of the disability, make impossible, or have a detrimental effect on, the provision by an educational establishment of its services to other students.

The school, at the time of admission will send to all applicant parents copies of the following: the Criteria for Entry, the school’s Code of Behaviour with School Rules and information on school sanctions which includes suspensions and expulsion and general information on the curriculum and subject choice, as well as its policy on Special Needs.

Arrangements will also be made to meet with the incoming parents to inform them of school policies.


Transfers from other Post-Primary Schools:

As soon as possible after enrolling a pupil from another school the Principal informs the Principal of the previous school of the enrolment.  When a student enrols from another school the Principal of the other school has the obligation to notify the new school Principal of:

Any problem relating to attendance that the child concerned had while attending the other school,


Such other matters relating to the child’s educational progress which he or she considers appropriate.






Criteria for acceptance of pupils in Pobal Scoil Iosa (Malahide

Community School) for First Year



1.         Children from St. Oliver Plunkett’s, St. Andrew’s, Pope John Paul II and Scoil an Duinninigh who are both ordinarily resident in the Malahide Community School catchment area as defined in Appendix I, and also who have brothers/sisters in Malahide Community School and the children of  Malahide Community School staff.


2.         Children from St. Oliver Plunkett’s, St. Andrew’s, Pope John Paul II and Scoil an Duinninigh who are both ordinarily resident in the Malahide Community School catchment area as defined in Appendix I and the Children of Malahide Community School staff.


3.         Children from St. Oliver Plunkett’s, St. Andrew’s, Pope John Paul II and Scoil an Duinninigh who have brothers/sisters attending Malahide Community School.


4.         Children who are ordinarily resident in the Malahide Community School Catchment Area as defined in Appendix I.


5.         Children outside the said catchment area with brothers/sisters attending Malahide Community School.


6.         Children from St. Oliver Plunkett’s, St. Andrew’s, Pope John Paul II, and Scoil an Duinninigh who are ordinarily resident outside the Malahide Community School catchment area.


7.         Any other applicants.


Please note:    If there are insufficient places available under a particular category it may be necessary to allocate those places on the basis of an open draw.


Note I:              The parents of a child who accept a place in the school and subsequently do not take up that place are liable to have any future applications referred to the school’s Board of Management for consideration.


Note II: There is a separate provision for the acceptance of children from the Special Education Unit in St. Helen’s Primary School, Portmarnock.  These pupils have mild to moderate learning disabilities.  Applications on behalf of these pupils should be made directly to the Principal of Pobal Scoil Iosa and will be considered on the basis of the teaching resources available.


June 2003


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