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To take advantage of the Internet

-it requires more than just web page authoring and technical know-how; it also requires the skills of creative design and graphics, direct marketing and the ability to integrate the use of the Internet into your current business operations.

We at I.I.B. have those skills, accruing from our policy of recruitment of staff in the areas of technical, marketing, and business management. These combine to form a powerful resource for your business to exploit.

I.I.B. is independent of any of the Internet access providers, so that we can tailor-make a package for your company to suit you and not one constrained by the limitations of any one provider. This allows for greater flexibility in pricing and services offered.

For small and medium-sized businesses we offer our special web publishing service, Netstart, which will suit businesses in a hurry to get onto the Internet. This service can also be custom designed to suit your company's requirements. Check one out at this site-

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