I.I.B. run on site training courses for those who want to get a basic knowledge of the uses of the Internet in either personal or commercial areas. These sessions are designed with the novice in mind and will enable them to make informed decisions as to what sort of presence they want to have on the Internet or if they need one at all! This can greatly reduce the possibility of making potentially costly errors.

All our courses are run in an informal manner so that the customer may feel at home to ask any questions whenever and on whatever aspect of computers and the Internet that they like. At all times we endeavour to take the mystique out of computing and explain things in plain English.

Sessions can be run in the customers own home or at their business premises and so a stress free learning environment should be easily achieved.

Loose outline of topics to be discussed:

Finding a service Provider
We’ll show you how to select a service Provider that is best for your overall needs. You will be provided with detailed information and advice on costs and offerings, enabling you to make a confident and well thought-out decision.

Connecting to the Internet
We will explore the many options for connecting your home computer, travel laptop, or office LAN to the Internet.

Making It Work
You’ll receive background information on how the Internet is put together, how it works, and where it is going. This is one of the fastest evolving areas in communications.

Using Internet Applications
The Internet has generated many exciting and powerful communications applications, email, file transfer etc. We’ll provide you with the essential information needed for using these applications effectively.

Finding and Accessing Information
There is a wealth of information resources on networked computers all around the world. You can discover advances in medicine, search libraries, research the law, or stay informed of current global issues using a variety of Internet resources.