Imelda's Nerd-Rating Test

OK, step up folks for Imelda's nerd test. If you're worried that you're becoming a nerd, take the test and see what your personal diagnosis is. (NOTE: Sorry folks, but this is for JavaScript capable browsers only, and is optimised for Netscape Navigator 3.)

CPU stands for: TCP stands for:
  1. Computer Power Usage
  2. Central Processor Unit
  3. Cyclical Permutation Units
  4. Commy Pinko Usurper
  1. Transmission Control Protocol
  2. Tom Cat's Piss
  3. Threaded Communication Packets
  4. Tested Core Performance
HDD stands for: LAN stands for:
  1. Hopeless Didgery Doo
  2. Hardware Data Driver
  3. Hard Disk Drive
  4. Hexadecimal Digital Data
  1. Local Area Network
  2. Logical Access Number
  3. Lamer Asinine Nobody
  4. Limited Asynchronous Node
ROM stands for: PIC stands for:
  1. Right On Matey
  2. Restricted Output Mode
  3. Random Output Model
  4. Read Only Memory
  1. Processing Interval Counter
  2. Programmable Interrupt Controller
  3. Pretty Idiotic Choice
  4. Precision Indication Cache
ISA stands for: MFM stands for:
  1. Immediate Status Analysis
  2. Invites Suppository Administration
  3. Industry Standard Architecture
  4. Isomorphic Standard Algorithm
  1. Modified Frequency Modulation
  2. Metal Film Microstructure
  3. Monosyllabic Freaking Moron
  4. Mathematical Formulation Matrix
FTP stands for: DLL stands for:
  1. Fast Transmission Pipeline
  2. Fun To Phreak
  3. File Transfer Protocol
  4. Fourier Transform Passrate
  1. Deranged Lemur Lover
  2. Dynamic Link Library
  3. Digital Level Limiter
  4. Double Logic Layer

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