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Dave-id Busaras

Dave-id Busaras

"I've been sad, I've been happy,
Now it all comes down on me,
I can't take it no more,
This life is getting to me."

Man Falls Down, 1988.

Dave-id always had a singing heart. Raised in a working class suburb of Dublin, his childhood was marked by two events: a year long battle with meningitis that permanently marked him and the death of his mother.

Then he met the "LYPTON VILLAGE", a collection of friends with strange names: Bono, Strongman, Guggi, Gavin Friday, and a markedly different view of life and people. They immediately recognised the beauty and intelligence of Dave-id and through their friendship Dave-id came out of his shell, to become an eloquent narrator and extrovert performer.

Dave-id in concert He joined the Virgin Prunes at the very beginning of the group and though early performances involved a ketchup-smothered chicken to a musical accompaniment he soon began writing songs and performing them live. He was also an integral part of the Virgin Prunes in the studio contributing tracks to all their albums. The wide range of musical styles covered by Dave-id's songwriting reflected his eclectic taste in music and his voice capable of expressing brain-exploding rage and soul-melting sorrow made him truly a unique artist.

After the break-up of the Virgin Prunes in 1987 Dave-id continued to work with Mary and Strongman as The Prunes - releasing two albums "Lite Fantastik" (1989) and "Nada" (1990). The Prunes toured extensively but ceased to exist in 1992 after releasing a mini-album "Blossoms and Blood". Dave-id took a break from performing and concetrated on painting. He contributed works to two books "judasjesus" by Rolf Vassarelli and "The light and the dark" by Caroline Von B. The booklet of "Smegma 'Structions Don't Rhyme" features examples of his work.

In 1994 Dave-id returned to the stage with a series of solo shows in Ireland, he began writing new songs with a variety of Irish musicians and in the summer of 1995 these songs were recorded in Dublin for Dave-id's first solo album "Smegma 'Structions Don't Rhyme" which was released by Sout Releases. Purposefully eclectic, the album is unified through Dave-id's personality, his unique view of the world and the power of his art.

A few words from Dave-id

I am working on a new album at the Works studio in Dublin. This is being produced and engineered by Rod Callan, assisted by Bob, Chris and Luke. The new songs are working out well. Johnny Rowen, Eddie Reynolds and Mick Goss, otherwise known as "Pelvis" play on the album. You can still get "Smegma 'Structions Don't Rhyme" from Scout Releases, though the new album will not be on Scout. It should be released soon. I hope you like it!

Thank you so much,

Dave-id B. Scott.

A concert in Rotterdam
Nick Cave on Dave-id Busaras/Virgin Prunes:

"...a strange child reluctantly and most awkwardly mount the stage, as if coaxed from the wings by some pageant-crazed mother, stand centre-stage and sing a song, solus, in a voice that held such a weird sadness within each expulsion and took flight with such ghostly brilliance that an entire morning of systematic inebriation spent in the bar was wasted, for this drunken wretch that had stumbled into the hall, now that the child had left the stage, sat stricken sober by his magical appearance and quite weak from listening and though I cursed the little bastard as I made my way back to the bar, I will never forget the simple pain of that opening song and the eerie beauty of its doing."

Some Dave-id songs for your listening pleasure

Kiss Before Betrayal
Streaming RealAudio G2 or 2MB MP3 © 1995 Dave-Id Busaras (from Smegma 'Structions Don't Rhyme).
Battle Of War
Streaming RealAudio G2 or 4MB MP3 © 1998 Dave-Id Busaras (previously unreleased).
Streaming RealAudio G2 or 3.5MB MP3 © 1998 Dave-Id Busaras (previously unreleased).
In The Mood
Streaming RealAudio G2 or 3.7MB MP3 © 1998 Dave-Id Busaras (previously unreleased).
Trust In Me
Streaming RealAudio G2 or 3.6MB MP3 © 1998 Dave-Id Busaras (previously unreleased).
Streaming RealAudio G2 or 4.1MB MP3 © 1998 Dave-Id Busaras (previously unreleased).
Spice Girls
Streaming RealAudio G2 or 1.9MB MP3 © 1998 Dave-Id Busaras (previously unreleased).

Dave-id's songs in chronological order

With the Virgin Prunes (1978-1987):

Uncle Arthur's Lonely World - 1979 - released on Sons Find Devils, 1985
The Children are Crying - 1980 - released on Twenty Tens, 1981 *
War - 1981 - released on Moments and Mine, 1981 *
Sleep/Fantasy Dreams - 1981 - released on A New Form of Beauty 1, 1981
Sad World - 1981 - released on A New Form of Beauty 2, 1981
Brain Damage - 1981 - released on A New Form of Beauty 3, 1981 *
Dave-id is Dead - 1982 - released on Pagan Lovesong, 1982
Ballad of the Man - 1982 - released on If I Die, I Die, 1982
Man on the Corner - 1982 - released on Heresie, 1982
Just a Love Song - 1983 - released on Over the Rainbow, 1985 *
The White History Book - 1986 - released on Don't Look Back, 1986

With the Prunes (1987-1992):

Mother Forgive Me - 1988 - released on Lite Fantastik, 1989 #
Man Falls Down - 1988 - released on Lite Fantastik, 1989 #
Sol Sunset - 1990 - released on Nada, 1990 #
Loaded in a Crazy Dream of Hell - 1990 - released on Nada, 1990 #
Lost in the Ozone - 1990 - released on Blossoms and Blood, 1991 #

* available on Artfuck by the Virgin Prunes, New Rose Records CD 422476
# available on Smegma 'Structions Don't Rhyme - see below

Some information about
"Smegma 'Structions Don't Rhyme"

Dave-id's first solo album was recorded from May to July '95 at The Works Sound Studio in Dublin, Ireland.

It was produced by Rod "the Riddler" Callan and engineered by Oisin "Mosh" Murray.

Track Listing: Loaded in a Crazy Dream of Hell, The Night the Rain Pissed Down, Trapped in a Web, Cry Like a Rainy Day, Lost in the Ozone, Oh Sweet Baby, Sol Sunset, Wedding Day, Man Falls Down, Rainy Day (reprise), Mother Forgive Me, Sick for Her Love, Kiss Before Betrayal, Who Wants to Look Like Dave-id.

Artists appearing:
Mary - guitar
Strongman - bass guitar
Eddie Reynolds - guitar
Johnny Rowen - bass
Wayne Sheehy - drums
Googan - mouth organ
Trevor Knight - string department
Susan - drum machine
and, of course, the Maestro himself - everything else

Smegma 'Structions Don't Rhyme is on Scout Releases SR 1008 (CD)
Contact: Scout Releases, Susterfeldstr. 61, D-52072 Aachen, Deutschland.
Tel +49-241-874095, Fax +49-241-877473

A few more words from Dave-id

I wish you all the best, so be happy as much as you can and keep sadness away. I'm working on new songs and I hope to be on tour soon. Look out for it!

Dave-id B. Scott

This page is officially sanctioned by Dave-id B. Scott.
All material is reproduced with his permission.

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