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Since 1963 the National Association for Deaf People (NAD) has campaigned for full equality in all aspects of life for deaf and hearing impaired people, and for parents of deaf children to have all appropriate supports and services for their children's developments of services generally. The NAD also provides a wide range of services directly.

National Association for Deaf People Mission Statement 

The mission of the National Association for Deaf People is to: 

Promote the right of every deaf person to enjoy an equality of opportunity in all aspects of life, and to develop full independence and citizenship. 

Promote the right of parents of deaf children to enjoy access to the full range of appropriate supports and services, and to take an active role in their childÕs education and development.

And plan to fulfil this mission

1. through advocacy for equal opportunities. 

2. through development of direct services. 

3. through encouraging the development of services by others.;  In fulfiling our mission, NAD will be guided by the following four principles which have been adopted. 

Deaf people are full members of society. They have equal rights, should be afforded equal respect and must be able to exercise equal opportunities. 

Deaf people have the right to equality of access to information and full participation in society. 

In providing services, full account must be taken of deaf people and other consumers, their experiences ,their values ,their rights and their opinions. 

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