The N.A.R.G.C, founded in 1968 is Irelands largest voluntary organisation involved in wildlife protection, game conservation, habitat preservation and hunting. It has 22000 members spread throughout 875 Gun Clubs around the country.

Gun Clubs organise and regulate game shooting at parish level. Members actively practice conservation through rearing and releasing of game species, such as Pheasant, Mallard and Partridge. Members also control pest species  such as the Fox which prey on game and other wildlife species causing enormous damage and losses each year. Gun Clubs also offer a degree of security to landowners as their very presence limits the activities of unauthorised entrants coming on to the land to hunt. Gun Club members also protect landowners through the N.A.R.G.C. Game Hunting Compensation Fund. This fund protects landowners for any damage or injury caused to or by a member whilst pursuing their hunting/conservation activities on the landowners property. At county level the Gun Clubs. are organised by Regional Game Councils (R.G.C's.).

R.G.C's. assist Gun Clubs. in the promotion of conservation projects and also liaise with other non governmental organisations such as farming organisations. At national level the R.G.C's. unite to form the N.A.R.G.C. which looks after the interests of resident sports people through assisting in the development and implementation of wildlife policy, legislation, research, education, habitat purchase and development, financing and game release programs.

The Association depends solely on its members for its financial well being and each year members spend upwards of IR£500,000 from their own resources on non hunting conservation projects. The constituent Gun Clubs. are "Recognised Bodies" under The Wildlife Act 1976 and the Association is a Seanad Nominating Body included on the Agricultural Panel of the Register of Seanad Nominating Bodies.

No other organisation in Ireland carries a higher level of expertise in game and its conservation. Our publications are among the most authoritative available. The N.A.R.G.C. is a national asset and its involvement in wildlife conservation will ensure the survival of many species for the future.

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