Our Quiz Questions on France


1. Who built the Eiffel Tower?
2. Name the tallest building in Paris.
3. Name the main airport in Paris.
4. Which famous character lived in Notre Dame Cathedral?
5. What river flows through Paris?
6. When was the Eiffel Tower built?
7. The Pompidou Centre is (a) a concert hall (b) a famous shopping centre (c) a museum?
8. The Pillar on the Palace de Concorde is (a) 22 metres high (b) 220 metres high or (c) 2220 metres high?
9. What can you find in the Musee de l'Opera?
10. Hotel Dieu is a (a) a guesthouse (b) a hotel or (c) a hospital?

Look at the answers or check the websites on Paris because all the answers are there.
Paris by the Group in the NDNSP
Paris by the Group in Grund-Und Haupstchule, Germany

Physical Features

1. Name 2 countries beginning with 'S' that are joined to France in the south?
2. What country beginning with 'B' is joined to France in the north?
3. Where does the River Loire run into the Bay of Biscay?
4. How many countries have borders with France?
5. Name 3 rivers in France beginning with the letter 'S'.
6. What bay is in the west of France?
7. Mount Blanc is the 3rd highest peak on the continent of Europe - True or False?
8. What mountain range separates France and Spain?
9.France is the smallest country in western Europe - true or false?
10. Mt. Blanc is (a)4,807m high, (b) 2,534 m high or (c) 3,482 m high

Look at the answers or check the websites to find them - you could use an atlas or a geography book too. There are more exercises on the German website and there are things to do there as well.
Physical Features Group in the NDSNP
Physical Features Group in Grund-Und Haupstchule, Germany
Physical Features Group in DeWadden, Netherlands


1. What is the French Train Company called?
2. What is the Eurostar?
3. In what French city was the Concorde built?
4. What is the 'metro'?
5. What is the Tour de France?
6. Does Air France have a Concorde - Yes or No?
7. Name the tunnel that connects France with England.
8. What is the largest car factory in France?
9. The fastest train in the world is in France - what is its name?
10. Where do all the roads in France lead?

Look at the answers or better still look at the web sites to learn more and to find any answers you don't know:
Transport Group in the NDSNP
Transport Group in DeWadden School, Netherlands
Transport Group in Grund-Und Haupstchule, Germany

Food and Drink

1. Name the main wine-producing Capital in France.
2. What food and drink is France famous for?
3. What is wine made from?
4. What do the French usually have for breakfast?
5. What did the Dutch students do that was cool?
6. Where does the cheese 'Le Rustique' come from?
7. There is a recipe on the German website for a famous French food - what is it called?
8. What is the German word for cheese?
9. Red grapes make red wine but what colour grapes make white wine?
10. Sometimes they stamp on the grapes to make wine - True or False?

Look at the answers or check out the websites to learn more and to see all the pictures.
Food by the Group in the NDNSP
Food by the Group in DeWadden, Netherlands
Food by the Group in Grund-und Haupstchule, Germany


1. If you were in France and you asked for 'escargot', what would you get?
2. What is the French word for 'boy'?
3. How would you say 'hello' in French?
4. What regional languages are spoken in the Pyrenees?
5. What language did French originate from?
6. Name two places outside France where French is spoken.
7. What are 'chips' called in France?
8. How would you say 'hello' to your friends in France?
9. French is spoken in Switzerland - true or false?
10. What language is spoken in the north-west of France?

Look at the answers if you want but why not go back to our web pages first and find out some more things.
Language Group in the NDNSP
Language Group in Grund-Und Haupstchule, Germany
Lanugage Group in DeWadden, Netherlands


1. What is the most famous attraction in France?
2. Name the money you would use if you visited France?
3. People in Ireland travel to France on a ferry that goes from Rosslare to where?
4. What would you find in Anjou?
5. Where is 'the space mountain'?
6. Where is the 'Theme Park Asterix'?
7. What island is situated south-east of France?
8. Where is the castle of 'Saumur'?
9. People go skiing in France - True or False?
10. What would you find along the Breton coast?

Look at the answers or better still check the websites:
Tourism Group in the NDNSP
Tourism Group in DeWadden School, Netherlands

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