Poems about Recycling by Fifth Class

Recycling means to use things,
again and again and again.
And when we say recycling,
we don't mean your pen.

Recycling is used many places in,
and when you recycle,
just don't throw it in the bin.

By Matthew

Recycling makes the world more clean,
And it makes the grass and trees more green.
You can recycle glass and cans,
But it's hard work so you'll need a fan.
You could give your old to a charity shop if they don't fit you anymore.
In the shop they have clothes galore!!
Kids or adults can recycle,
Oh yes you can recycle your old bicycle.

By Nora

You can recyle all sorts of things,
But not things that bite,
Or things that sting,
Recyle plastic, paper or cans!!
So when you finish something like a drink,
Don't throw it in the bin,
Just think.
By Katie Murphy.
Recycling is an invention
That began many years ago,
It is a good invention,
As well you all know.

There's many ways to recycle,
You bring your rags to the rag bank,
You bring your bottles too,
To put them in the bottle bank,
To have them used again.

There's different colour bottle banks,
Like green, blue and red,
The men collect them to take them away,
Befor you go to bed.

By Laura Aston.

Recycle all your rubbish,
Fat and thin,
And put all the leftovers in the bin,
Recycling bins will be near you,
Do go on and recycle,
Do, do, do!

By Joanna O'Byrne.


Recycling is like bicycling,
Because the more you do,
The more you want to do.

You recycle paper and plastic,
Some people think it's drastic,
But I think it's fantastic.

By Emma Cantwell.

Recycle all your rubbish,
don't throw it out,
Go to the recycling bins
and do not pout,
People now-a-days don't
recycle much,
So you yourself
should recycle more
so and so and such.

By Emma Regan

Recycling means
Reusing things like
cornflake boxes and
old bed springs.

Unless we send by
remote control a
rocket into a big black hole.

We'll have rubbish
all around what
will happen to to
the ground?

By Kevin Lynch

Recycling is good for the Earth
and for our health. There are many
ways to recycle : bottles, electricity,
and more. If we recycle it will save
our planet.

By Isaac Tobin

Cans, clothes, bottles, paper
Do not wait until later.
Recycling is great don't
Wait too late.
Don't delay
Hurry up and recycle today.

By Neil Darling

We should recycle
To keep the Earth clean
So if we do that everybody will keep it
So keep the Earth clean and
everybody will have a happy Hallowe'en.

By Darren Fitzpatrick

People really don't recycle much
Look is that an old rabbit hutch?
Boxes & rubbish can be found in the
dump. Yuch an old petrol pump.

If there wasn't any dumps I don't
know what people would do, They
would just throw rubbish everywhere.
It would out a bit like goo.

There would be mould thats
old from centuries ago
Dating up to today. Green, Purple, Yellow
they could be the colours of our town!!

By Ellen Cooke

You should recycle to protect
the earth.
You should recycle to help
Mother Nature.
You should recycle to keep
the bad smells away.

By Aaron McKenna

Recycling is very good,
It helps the world we live in.
Recycle your rubbish don't
just throw it in the bin.

By Adam Brennan

Recycling you should do,
And clean up all that yucky goo,
To help the country stay like this,
we must do our little bit.

Recycling we have to do,
And keep our country as good as new,
For when tourists come and look around
They have to see that we are proud.

By Caitriona Doghue

Recycling recycling is so great,
Especially when it is at your front gate,
So come to recycling at my gate,
Tell your mam before it's to late,
Because if you don't come down you,
Your mam and dad will feel bad,
And then you will get sad,
At your mum and dad,
And then you will get mad,mad,mad,
So because you did not come down,
You got bad then sad and then,
You got MAD MAD MAD!

By Alanna Scott-Keogh

Recycling recycling
Is good so do it
It means do not
throw out any good things
like boxes & crisps and everything.

By Michelle O'Connor

Recycling is cool if you
recycle loads you'll have
enough for a swimming pool.
Recycling saves our ozone
lair and trees of the
forest and if we don't
recycle soon paper will
be scarce.

By Michael O'Leary

Recycling, recycling, I thought it's really neat.
Like over using toilet paper, tissues, or my feet.
I went down to the local plant,
I found it quite distressing
They used too many plastic bags,
A bit like over-dressing,
I found a wooly jumper beside me in the dump.
I took it home and washed it up and gave it to my Auntie
. The notion of recycling it means to use again,
Like getting out a teabag and using it for ten.

By Aisling Doherty Carton

It's very easy to recycle,
Reduce and reuse,
Like using a bottle again instead of new.
It's that simple like bringing a bottle to the bottle to the bank instead of the bin,
You can recycle clothes and paper and even tin,
So before you go to the bin,
Try and work it out,
If you should recycle it,
Or throw it out.

By Robin Murray

This page has been written by 5th class.

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