Environmental care on Post stamps


A school exam in art for the students of HAVO 5: make a design for a series of stamps. Theme: Take care of the environment.

Look for inspiration in magazines, papers, advertisements, television, Internet,etc. Ask Greenpeace, the Department of Environment or other authorities for folders and information. start making rough sketches and designs.

You are free to choose materials and techniques: painting, drawing, computers, collage,etc. Having finished the phase of searching, exploring, sketching and designing, you have to produce your stamps at a big size. However, if you want to, you may minimalize the stamps on the copier and put them on a postcard addressed to yourself. How would the Post Office react? See what happens....

You will have to produce within a seven weekly lessons (of two hours each) the whole collection. At the end of this period, as a short exam of four hours (one afternoon) you will have to produce a so-called "first-day-issue envelope" with the series of three self-made minimalized and coloured stamps, a first day issue postmark, and an environment logo which shows the theme of your postage stamps series.


Katholieke Scholengemeenschap Etten-Leur