Newtown School was founded in 1798 by the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). The ideals of its founders still inspire the school which today educates boys and girls for life in the 21st century.

Newtown welcomes boarders and day pupils of all religious persuasions, and appreciates the contributions of all denominations to the school community. The school fosters a sense of caring for others and communicates a set of values which reflects a balance between the material and spiritual aspects of life.

In the Quakers tradition, every individual is of value and has something to contribute. Newtown promotes these ideals and, while rules are kept to a minimum, high standards of behavior are expected of the pupils and are encouraged in a supportive and caring environment to fulfill these expectations.

In a rapidly changing world, education must concern itself more and more with the caliber of student it produces as much as with the courses to be studied. Adaptability, confidence, the courage to make changes where they are necessary and, above all, the ability to get on with other people are amongst the qualities that Newtown School promotes through a sound liberal education for life.


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