"George Bernard Shaw called dancing "the perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire"; Reverse Trust's retro, idiomatically on-the-button recreation of jazz-rock/fusion is the perfect accompaniment to that activity. Niall O'Neill composed all the music (one piece co-written with Mark Cahill), produced and plays bass, guitar, piano and synths. He assembled two fine groups: one for fusion, with Mike Nielsen (guitar) and Brendan Doyle (soprano/ tenor); and one for jazz-rock, with Derek O'Connor (tenor/piano) and Dick Farrelly (guitar). Tom McDermott laid down the drum tracks. The groove is visceral, the tunes simple and catchy, and Nielsen, Doyle, O'Connor and Farrelly are the kind of quality soloists the music needs. This is emphatically a superior example of the Jazz/Rock/Fusion genre." Ray Comiskey - Irish Times

"Bassist Niall O'Neill was one the most promising musicians on the Dublin scene during the 80's but he developed a taste for regular meals and was lost to Jazz. Or so it seemed. In fact, O'Neill never stopped playing and recording in his spare time, and the results - straight out of the Steps Ahead and Brecker Brother's tradition of full-on Jazz Rock - are impressive. Featuring the virtuosic Derek O'Connor on saxophone and keyboards, and guitarists Dick Farrelly and Mike Neilsen, Reverse Trust is a gloriously unfashionable triumph, on the basis of which O'Neill should give up the day job." Cormac Larkin - Sunday Tribune


"Niall O'Neill has assembled some of Ireland's most versatile musicians to form the various combinations, mainly quartets, heard here. Anyone who likes jazz-rock fusion should snap this up, as it's an excellent example of the style. Those who don't care for the synthetic sound will be less enthusiastic, but there is no doubt about the instrumental mastery of all concerned. Both saxophonists contribute good solos. Mike Nielsen, present on fourtracks, is one of our finest jazz guitarists, while Dick Farrelly has a more rock-oriented approach, heard to particular advantage on the rugged Exit Strategy. Tom McDermott plays a real drum kit, so let's hope the horrible "drum machines", so beloved of earlier jazz-rock ensembles, are now obsolete. The leader has written all the tunes as well as playing three different kinds of electric bass, plus rhythm guitar, synthesiser and piano. The CD is now available from www.reversetrust.com or www.myspace.com/reversetrust." Grainne Farren - Sunday Independent

"It is an excellent debut album that has the potential to build a fanbase truly enamored with Reverse Trust’s music." Susan Frances - JazzReview.com (click here for full review)

"Just put it on and I love it!" Maxi - Risin' Time - RTE Radio 1

"Great CD. Will play it again!" Paddy Cole - Dublin's Country Mix 106.8

"Wow!!" Linley Hamilton - BBC Radio Ulster