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  1. The National Print Museum will acquire items associated with the history, present state and future development of the printing craft in Ireland.
  2. The artefacts will be acquired by donation, bequest, field collecting, or in special circumstances, by loan or purchase.
  3. Where an offer is made of an item which is not immediately relevant to the Mission Statement, the Museum will endeavour to redirect the would-be donor to an institution where the item may be more appropriately housed. The Museum however is not bound to negotiate with the institution regarding the artefact.
  4. The Museum will state clearly in writing to the would-be donor the reasons why the artefact is not suitable for the permanent exhibition and/or collection, for example: Relevance to the exhibition
    • Size
    • Condition
    • Whether the Museum already has items of a similar type or a duplicate
    • The availability of associated information
    • Legal ownership
    • Value of the artefact

  5. The Museum will only accept items if :
    • the artefact is relevant to the Museum's collecting policy;
    • it can provide adequate resources for the proper care and conservation (if needed) of the item;
    • it has sufficient resources to record and document the item adequately;
    • it is able to meet the security, environmental and insurance conditions of the artefact

  6. The National Print Museum will accept donations of artefacts under the following conditions: The donor will be informed of the Museum's Mission Statement and will sign a document stating that the artefact becomes part of the permanent collection of the Museum. The artefact will be transported to the Museum at the donor's expense except under spe cific circumstances, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  7. The Museum retains full discretion over which items may at any time be displayed in its public exhibitions.
  8. The National Print Museum will accept loans where the artefact is a unique exhibit or an otherwise unobtainable item. The conditions placed on the loan should be clearly specified (permanent or temporary) and appropriate documentation and security s afeguards must be put in place. The owner of the artefact must give the Museum one months' notice in writing if they want to reclaim the artefact. Copyright on the item with regard to photographs rests with the Museum The Museum may from time to time len d material to other institutions having regard to appropriate standards of conservation, safety and security. A Loans Register will be kept.
  9. The National Print Museum may take a reverse decision, the ultimate responsibility of which lies with the Board of Directors.
  10. The Museum undertakes to conserve and maintain all documents and objects in perpetuity as a national public collection and as far as practicable in accordance with the best contemporary conservational practices.

    This Collections Policy will be implemented under a review period, with a re-assessment undertaken in one year from 1st January 1999.