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Quick Tour

What was once a soldier's chapel is now home to Ireland's printing heritage. Built in the 1860s, the former Garrison Chapel now houses a unique collection of implements, artefacts and machines from all sectors of the printing industry in Ireland. Garrison Chapel

Step into our printing workshop of yesteryear. Visitors are first introduced to the 'father of printing' Johann Gutenberg. Gutenberg was the creator of movable metal type and he completed the first substantial book, the Gutenberg Bible in 1455. Experience how those first compositors of centuries past, typeset letter by letter and line by line.

The use of hot metal casting in the 19th century transformed the whole industry. The Linotype and Monotype machines are examples of this pioneering technology. It was on a Linotype similar to the one housed in the Museum that the first edition of Ulysses was printed.

Our uniquely ornate printing presses stand proudly beside a Wharfedale press, known as the 'war-horse' of printing. The 1916 proclamation was printed on one of these remarkable machines. Inside the Museum

The associated skills of bookbinding and stitching are also represented as is a unique pen-ruling machine, used to line thousands of children's' copybooks for many years past.

Headline events in world history are commemorated in framed newspaper pages which adorn the walls of the gallery upstairs.

The visit includes a fascinating Audio visual show which brings the viewer step by step through the printing process.