A New Dawn

Mikie Smyth, Darragh Murphy, Louise Mulcahy, Eliot Grasso, Ciarán Ó Briain, Conor McKeon

Na Píobairí Uilleann - NPUCD 008


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This compilation is a recording of six pipers aged between 15 and 17 years, who, despite their youth, have a deep understanding of the art of uilleann piping. They are representative of a wealth, which currently exists, of talented young pipers. Their piping skills, combined with excellent musical taste, displayed throughout the recordings, give great hope for the future of uilleann piping through to the middle of the next century and beyond. It is interesting to note that, despite the advent of a large number of new compositions for uilleann pipes, the majority of tunes selected come from the standard piping repertoire. Many of these tunes would no doubt have been played at the Feiseanna Ceoil which took place at the turn of the century, and included such piping luminaries as James Ennis, Martin Reilly, Dinny Delaney, Mici 'Cumbá' O'Sullivan, Nicholas Markey, Pat Ward, Jem Byrne, Francis McPeake and others. We hope that you enjoy these recordings and that they will be a source of encouragement to each of the performers and indeed to other young pipers.

Gabriel McKeon and PJ Curtis


Patrick J. "Patsy" Touhey
1. Reel: The Shaskeen (P/D).

Mikie Smyth 2.
Double Jigs: The Trip to Athlone/ The Hag With The Money.
3. Single Jigs: Dan O'Keefe's/Nóra Chríona.
4. Slow Air: An Bonnán Buí. (All Trad. Arr. Mikie Smyth. Cop. Cont.)

Darragh Murphy
5. Reels: The Drake's Neck/Trim the Velvet.
6. Jigs: Patsy Touhey's Frolics/Unknown.
7. Hornpipe/Reel: Byrne's Hornpipe/The Torn Coat. (All Trad. Arr. Darragh Murphy. Cop. Contd. except 'The Torn Coat' composed by Connie O'Connell. Cop. Cont.)

Louise Mulcahy
8. Jigs: When Sick, It It Tea You Want?/The Grouse In The Bog.
9. Hornpipes: The Pleasures of Hope/Alexander's hornpipe.
10. Reels: The Ravelled Hank Of Yarn/Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel. (All Trad. Arr. Louise Mulcahy Cop. Cont.)

Eliot Grasso
11. Reels: Spike Island Lasses/Miss Susan Cooper/Kilty Town.
12. Jigs: Wheels Of The World/Hardiman The Fiddler/Kitty, Will You Come Down To Limerick?.
13. Reels: Rakish Paddy/Ronnie Cooper. (All Trad. Arr. Eliot Grasso. Cop. Cont. except 'Kilty Town'composed by Charlie Lennon Cop. Cont. and 'Ronnie Cooper' composed by Josephine Keegan Cop. Cont.)

Ciarán Ó Briain
14. Slow Air: Lament For Staker Wallis.
15. Hornpipe: Poll Halpenny.
16. Jig: An Rógaire Dubh/Kitty's Rambles. (All Trad. Arr. Ciarán Ó Briain Cop. Cont)

Conor McKeon
17. Reels: Miss Monaghan/The Tempest/Ronnie Cooper.
18. Hornpipes: The Tailor's Twist/The Cuckoo's Nest.
19. Reels: The Rainy Day/The Scholar. (All Trad. Arr. Conor McKeon Cop. Cont. except 'Ronnie Cooper' composed by Josephine Keegan Cop. Cont.)