North Western Health Board

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The Northwestern Health Board which was established under the 1970 Health Act has responsibility for the administration and provision of health and personal social services in the counties of Donegal, Leitrim and Sligo, services which were previously provided by the Local Authorities for those counties. The region covers 26,000 square miles (75,000 Square Km) and the Board serves a population of 208,027. The Board currently has a staff of 4,000.

The work of the Board is divided into two broad programmes covering respectively Community Care Services and Hospital Care Services. Each of those programmes is managed by a Programme Manager. In addition there are functional officers in charge of Finance, Personnel, Health Promotion, Management Services, Planning and Evaluation and Technical Services.

The Community Care programme covers the preventative health services, immunization, vaccination, environmental health officers, general practitioners service, dental service, public health nursing, welfare and social work services, elements of care for the aged, services for the disabled and handicapped, training centres for the handicapped, and health promotion.

The Hospital Care programme is served by two general hospitals located in Letterkenny (242 beds) and Sligo (297 beds). Both General Hospitals are supported by a network of community hospitals throughout the region. Regional rehabilitation and rheumatology is provided at Our Lady's, Manorhamilton. Acute in-patient services are provided at the two General Hospitals.

Psychiatric services, formally provides at St Conal's Hospital, Letterkenny and St Columba's Hospital, Sligo are now organised on the basis of smaller sectors throughout the region.

The Health Board has its headquarters at Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim, and Mr. Donal O'Shea id the Chief Executive Officer.

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